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The Power Of Giving

One of the hardest lessons for a child to learn is to give and share willingly. Yes, they may obey and do it begrudgingly under the stern look of a parent. However, the child still doesn’t understand the power of giving and how it will help them later in life. Hopefully, a loving parent will help to coach them until they understand the joy that come with giving. After all, every child deserves to learn this powerful lesson.

3 ways the power of giving can transform a child’s life

If you can help a child to learn this lesson while they are young they will enjoy a better quality of life.

Look for ways to create life changing experiences that your child will be grateful for. One way to do that is by encouraging your elementary school to hold a school holiday boutique this Fall. Children learn the gift of giving when they can buy affordable gifts for the people they love.

Children can easily take what they have for granted, can’t they?

What can you do if this doesn’t come easy to them?

Some parents have had success with volunteering with their children at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Instead of shielding their kids, these parents want their sons and daughters to understand what life is like for many children their age. This often opens up conversations between the parents and children. Children may ask questions like, “Why don’t they have a house, food or toys?”

Here is a wonderful opportunity for parents to teach their children. Children can learn to appreciate what they have so they never take it for granted. Have them imagine what it would be like to live there with no toys or a room of their own. Then lovingly reassure them that they are safe with you.

You might want to ask them “What can we do to help these boys and girls?” Allow your child to give the answer. You can role play with them and have them imagine what children their age would like. Your children may surprise you with their generous giving spirit. The power of giving can impact kids of all ages.

How to share toys and feel good about it

Some parents have gone through toy boxes and had their kids find toys they have outgrown & don’t play with any more. Ask them, “Do you think some of the children at the shelter might enjoy these?” Arrange to deliver them together so your child can experience the joy of giving.

$1 balloons can make someones day

Here is another giving experience you can share with your children. Go to a dollar store near you. You can buy a balloon filled with helium for only a dollar each. Have your child pick a few out. Then deliver them to a children’s hospital. You also can share them with the elderly in a nursing home. Allow your child hand them out so they can see the joy on the face of the receiver. It will be an experience they will remember for a long time to come.

Look for opportunities to create experiences like these. The time you spend experiencing these together will be the best gift you could ever give your children. They only require your imagination and the desire for your child to have an enriched happy life. Learn more about our school holiday boutique program. Iy gives children the opportunity to shop for gifts for mom and dad ina safe setting.