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The Best Gift For Children

Many parents go into debt every year trying to buy the best gifts for their children. Many will work a lot of overtime or even a second job to buy their children the best presents. Perhaps you can relate to those feelings.

One child psychiatrist says that it may be time to stop and slow down in order to find out what the best gift for your child really is. In fact, his answer is so simple you might easily dismiss it. Please don’t. After all, your child’s happiness and welfare is at stake.

The author of the book, Hyper-Parenting: “Are You Hurting Your Child by Trying Too Hard?”, tells us that he talks with a lot of children in his practice. When asked what they want from their parents, the answer is often the same.

Children don’t want things… they want your TIME.

Let’s repeat that because it is worth repeating.

Children don’t want things as much as you think they do…

Instead they want YOUR time.

Time to laugh together.

Time play catch together.

Time to go to the park together.

Time to eat together.

Time to be silly together.

Time to do a project together.

Our children not only want our time…

They NEED our time in order to grow up into healthy, well balanced mature adults.

They may not remember a toy you gave them when they were 9 years old, but they will remember how you laughed and had fun together making sand castles at the beach.

Now you know what the best gift for children is, what will you do? So look for ways to create experiences with them that they will cherish as adults later in life. Children have a way of growing up really fast. Make it a priority to spend time with them while they are young and still want to spend time with you.

So what is the best gift for children?

Your time and plenty of it !

Do you want to learn about another great gift for your children? Teach your children the gift of giving by holding a school holiday shop fundraiser program.