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Questions & Answers

If you are a new client with School Holiday Shop then you might have additional questions too – we are here to support you every step of the way. Enjoy these popular Holiday Shop FAQ’s.

Questions About Our Items

No, we spend a lot of time and resources finding new items every year.  To keep the shop fresh looking and up to date.

Almost all of our holiday shop items come in color gift boxes, to make them more like a gift than a thrift store purchase.

Every year we offer approximately 100 items in a program.

The average price is about $4.85.

No; you do not have to put anything out for sales that you do not want to – the choice is yours!

Being that our “Holiday Shop” program is based on a “No Count” system, you do not have to be concerned.

Questions About Our Gift Certificate Program

Gift certificates are redeemed at your schools holiday shop and treated like cash. Any unused portion of the Gift Certificate will be refunded to your child at the school holiday shop with cash.

If for example, your child becomes sick and cannot attend the holiday shop it is not a problem. All gift certificates are credited to the PTO/PTA that run the holiday shop at the school your child attends. Simply have your child bring the gift certificate to school and the PTO/PTA that ran the event will refund to your child the full amount of the gift certificate.

Upon submitting your order a receipt will automatically be generated and the Gift Certificate(s) will be emailed to the parent’s email address. Print the gift certificate and place in your child’s budget envelope for your child or children to redeem at their holiday shop.

Not a problem, write a note and place it in your child’s budget envelope that you do not have a printer and include on the note the Child’s Name the gift certificate was purchased under the amount of the gift certificate, the Certificate ID Number and date on which it was purchased. The Chairperson at the school have access in their portal to see and confirm all gift certificates purchased.

What if I purchased the gift certificate and noticed the name on the certificate is wrong?

Not to worry, certificates are assigned a “Certificate ID Number” which is stored in our system and is compared to the certificates turned in. If your child would lose their certificate we can verify it in our system and re-issue a new one.

The email address will never be used unless your child loses a certificate or if we have a hard time finding your child’s school in our system based on the information you provided. We take everyone’s privacy seriously and we will never solicit or sell anyone’s email address that has purchased a gift certificate.

The charge will appear on your credit card statement from our parent company: Gifts ‘N Things

You can email us at: info@holidayshop.org or call us at: 1-866-479-1151

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