School Christmas Shop - Questions & Answers

School Gift Shop Answers— We Got Em!

So if you are planning to run a “school holiday shop” then you probably have questions – most people do.  If you are a new client with then you might have additional questions too – we are here to support you every step of the way. Whatever  vendor you choose to work with, please make sure they have a platform for answering your questions or concerns—Before you ever start. We also strongly suggest that you review whichever company you choose carefully – and if you should decide to work with another vendor you can still feel free to contact us so we can assist you. We hope these holiday shop FAQs are helpful to you.

Most Commonly Asked Questions and Answers about your School Gift Shop

Q. Firstly, does your supplier offer a “No Count Inventory” option?
A. We do – and it’s also EASY as pie.

Q. Secondly, does your supplier or local vendor offer online re-ordering, online tracking and online invoicing of merchandise and supplies?
A. We provide all three, plus much more.

Q. Thirdly, how long has the company you are considering been servicing schools with gift products?
A. For (Tracy Hamilton Inc.) it has been since 1965 – over 50 years of experience working with schools.

Q. Does your holiday shop vendor offer a “Product Re-Order Guarantee?”
A. does – and based on your sale and product needs, we will ship re-orders received by 2:00 EST. And we will also cover the shipping costs.

Q. Does your vendor offer a “Product IOU” program?
A. If there is child, who is on the line shopping, and he sees an item he wants, but another child buys the “last one” right before him, we’ll guarantee you another one or we’ll send you $5.00.

Q. Does your vendor provide sign up incentives?
A. We have incentives offered throughout the year – view current incentives now…!

Q. Does your vendor offer you the convenience of accepting credit cards?
A. We do, and it works great and will also boost sales.

Q. Does your vendor offer you a “Gift Certificate” program?
A. We do, it is safe and it can also allow you and the kids to send emails to friends and family.

Additional Holiday Shop FAQs & Answers

Q. Can we view your price list online – so we can check your school holiday shop prices?
A. Yes, simply go to our “Holiday Shop Price List” page. Everything is listed with the prices for you to see because we don’t want any surprises for you.

Q. Are the products from your supplier really on consignment – can we send back what we don’t sell?
A. You pay for nothing up front from us – you also can send back what’s left, with no hidden charges or fees.

Q. Can we mark up the products; so the shop is like a fundraiser too?
A. Yes, you can.  You can also mark it up as much as you like – the average though, is around 10-20%. Because of this you can see why this makes an excellent elementary school fundraiser.

Q. Does your vendor have enough product liability insurance?
A. Make sure they do, we have $1,000,000 in insurance. This means you are always protected because we want you to feel good about working with us.

Q. Does your vendor have a toll free number to call any time?
A. Here at the Company you can call toll free anytime.  (1-800-645-6550)

Q. Does your supplier provide you with color tent cards?
A. Our tent cards have pricing and pictures.

Final Questions you might be wondering about

Q. Additionally, does provide me (the sponsor) with information on how to manage the shop once I sign up – such as counting inventory, managing the inventory, etc.

A. Yes we do – we have an “easy to understand” chairperson manual which we send a few weeks before your holiday shop begins. This will also give you plenty of time to quaint yourself with the program. PLUS we are always available by phone to help you with any questions you may have because we want you to succeed.


Q.  Finally, are there any cancellation fees after we sign up for the shop late in the year?
A. So if you cancel your shop after November 1st. you will be invoiced two hundred and fifty dollars and we you will be required to send back the carnival kit at the expense of the parent association, school or the person who signed up originally.  If you cancel after merchandise is sent, it must be returned as well and will be charged a five hundred dollars re-stocking / inventory allocation fee.

In conclusion, you may have a question for us that is not listed here. So please feel free to call or email us with your questions. This is because we want to help you to have the best school holiday event you have ever had at your school.

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