No-Count Inventory “Wrap-it-Up” System™

C’mon, let’s face it – the most annoying part of running an in-school holiday shop fundraiser is counting all the items at the end – with us “you do not have to count anything”. Imagine… a no count school holiday shop!


What are the benefits of our “No-Count” Inventory” Holiday Shop Program? You Will Love This!

  • Frees you up to spend fun time doing something you enjoy instead!
  • No extra volunteers needed to help you count up the items—anymore!
  • Makes the most annoying part of the shop a breeze.
  • We trust you – and why wouldn’t we???
  • It’s fast.. and easy!

7 Easy Steps to Wrapping Up a “No-Count Inventory”School Holiday Shop

  1. Log into your account here
  2. Enter the school code and pin number we give you for your school.
  3. Click on “Invoicing” icon
  4. Enter in the amount of sales your school sold.
  5. Next, process your invoice.
  6. Place the returned items in the boxes you have, slap on the supplied UPS return labels and leave them for pick up at your school.
  7. Finally, print extra labels (if you need them) at the main log in page on lower left.


You are now done!

Our online based “no count” (Secret Santa School Shop) inventory program is a piece of cake to process, but if you have any questions please contact us at 800-645-6550.

If you are looking to sign up for your school holiday shop with us we’d be delighted to work with you.  (Make sure to choose “No Count Inventory” option when on the sign-up page.)