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Choose the right holiday shop company


Decide What is Important To Choose The Right Holiday Shop Company

Choose the right holiday shop company for your parent teacher group.  So why choose us for your school gift shop? Deciding on the right company for your holiday gift shop or school gift store is not always easy.  Like anything else, planning is the key.  Choose the right company for your holiday shop – we think that company is us.

So why do we say this?

Learn how to run a successful school holiday shop.

It is not easy – we all know that.  There are so many challenges getting the kids involved in the endless programs made available to them such as:

  • book fairs
  • fields trips
  • summer reading programs
  • diet / food programs
  • fundraisers, extended education classes


… Sometimes the list seems endless, doesn’t it?  On this page we will try and point out some of the more important factors in the decision-making process.

Important factors in choosing the right holiday shop for your school

Identifying the variables that are important to your school are seemingly endless.  For instance, you want a school gift shop that is easy to run, don’t you?

You want it affordable, and you also want to make it an exciting experience for the kids.

Furthermore, you want to make it different from school gift shops in your school district. Additionally, there is a myriad of other factors that go into the decision making process.

So what is the  “First Step”? You need to get clearance from your school district administration and then get the “OK” from your principal to move forward.

The “Second Step” is forming the foundation of parents and potential student volunteers who will chiefly be responsible for managing your holiday shop.  We mention student volunteers here because running a shop for schools can easily be turned into an educational and money budgeting project for both the younger children and the upper class elementary school kids as well.  Choose the right holiday shop company – choose us.

Additional Reasons to Choose our Company

The older children can learn the concepts of percentages, mark-ups, accounting for funds and inventory control.  The younger ones can learn about budgeting their money and more importantly they can learn the importance of “gift giving”, which is really what the holiday season is all about.  The “Third Step” in the beginning stages of planning out a school shop fundraiser is to make 100% certain that you go through the calendar and make sure you can find the time in the “school calendar” to actually run the shop.

Show n’ Sell Option

If you are pressed for time then we have our “Show n’ Sell” program.  If all the steps are doable then you are well on your way to moving forward with your school holiday shop – and now we will outline how we can help.

Why Choose Schoolholidayshop.com?

The most important reason, in our humble opinion, is for the simple fact that we have been in business for 50 years – that’s right, fifty years.  In that time we have helped thousands of schools run holiday shops.  We have learned quite a bit about the school holiday business and we pass that knowledge along to you and the children that participate in the shop.

Our site covers every aspect of running holiday shops for schools and we are always looking to improve on our skill set.  If your PTA, PTO, PTSA or other parent-teacher organization is looking to run a school Christmas shop then we have the products, services and easy-to-manage technology to help make your shop a true success.

Top Five Reasons to Consider Schoolholidayshop.com

We have been around for fifty years and we have the support you need, both at our corporate sales office and our logistics / warehouse.  For sales and general support please call us at 800.645.6550 and for shipping and re-orders please call us at 800.468.7511.

Thank you for considering our company for your school holiday shop.