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Help Your Kids Excel At Math By Thinking Positive!

Does the way a mom thinks affect her child’s school performance?

Could a pregnant mother’s mindset affect how her child does later on in math and science in school? Is it really possible to help your kids excel at math by thinking positive?

help your kids excel at math

This research says YES.

In this blog article we will discuss the possible connection between our thoughts and our child’s learning ability at school. 

Back in the 1990’s they did a test on 1600 pregnant mothers. The focus of the study? Something called the “locus of control.”

What is the “locus of control”? – AND Why Should You Care?

Simply put, we either believe we have the power within us to make changes in our life, or we have no control over our life and things just happen to us.

So why would this be of interest to scientists?

Notice what this article said.

“Those with an external locus of control would believe there is little point in making an effort as what happens to them is due to luck and circumstances, in contrast with internally controlled people who are motivated into action because they feel they can influence what is going to happen.”

Now here is the kicker.

Years later, they checked in on the children of these women. They checked in at ages 8,11 and 13.

What were they looking for?

They looked at the mathematical and scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills of their children using specially designed tests. 

So, what did the research show?

How to help your kids excel at math

It comes down to this one thing…

The expecting mother’s thoughts do matter!

“The research found that mothers with an internal locus of control before their child was born (those who believe in the connection between their actions and what happens to them) were more likely to have a child who is good at math and science.”


They also found that internally focused mothers were more likely to “provide their kids with healthy diets that assist brain development, to more frequently read stories to them, and to show an interest in their child’s homework and academic progress.”

How can you use this information?

One of the best ways to help your kids excel at math and life is to develop an internal locus of control. In other words, to claim the power to change within us, instead of waiting for something to happen outside of us. 

Simply put, this means we need to protect our minds from negative influences. 

Is this necessarily easy to do?  No.

However, if we don’t want to do it for ourselves, then let’s do it for our children. It will help your kids excel at math and science.

But how can we do this?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Nor is it saying this will be easy for everyone to do.

However, because the stakes are very high, it is definitely worth examining closely.

The study concludes:

“It is possible for a parent to change their outlook; we’ve demonstrated in the past that parents who become more internal (i.e., learn to see the connections between what they do and what happens to their children) improved their parenting skills which would have a positive effect on their children’s personal, social and academic lives.”

One great way to practice using our internal focus is by getting involved with your school PTO. Working to set up a school holiday store program will not only build self esteem for moms and dads, but children too.

Happy parenting!