Elementary School Holiday Boutique Ideas

Imagine having an elementary school holiday boutique this winter…

A holiday school boutique can provide an amazing experience for your elementary school students. Parents, teachers and staff all love this program because of its simplicity. So will your lil shoppers! Would you like to know how our elementary school holiday boutique ideas work?

There are several steps to follow and we would be happy to help you every step of the way.


Set your school holiday boutique hours.

First, you will need to select a time and date for your schools holiday boutique. Allow 90 days before selecting your boutique’s vendor because it will take time to get you set up. In addition, be assured that you will need every moment of this time! Be sure to advertise your holiday school shoppe hours using fliers, parent letters and social media.

Choose your vendors.

How will you choose your vendors? Some schools have reached out to local artisans to display their wares. These make great holiday gifts. Make sure there are plenty of gift ideas with easily seen price codes for everyone in the family including kids gifts too. You can also charge an entry fee for each vendor to rent a table. Finally, you can advertise your boutique about what kinds of gifts you will have there.

Sign up your volunteers.

To make sure your holiday  holiday shoppe boutique event flows smoothly you want to line up your vendors as soon as possible.

First, you can talk to the parents and teachers in your schools PTA. You can also invite responsible older students to help out from higher grades. For example, you can ask some of the honor roll students from the 6th grade graduating class to help out with the younger students at your holiday gift shoppe.

Here are a few more school holiday boutique Ideas.

Our school holiday shop is the perfect match for elementary schools. We help you set up the perfect holiday shopping experience for your young students. We also provide everything you need to succeed. Your students will love the ability to pick out and buy a gift for mom, dad, grandma and grandpa too. Yes, personalized gifts for loved ones are a big seller. There are over a hundred gifts for them to select from. Many of them are priced under $5. Furthermore, we have 3 different sizes for gift bags.

Here is a BONUS tip: Set up a “Preview Day” for students to browse the gifts and see what they want to buy ahead of time. This will allow the lil shoppers choose the secret gifts without them telling their mom and dad what they got them.

Will this holiday boutique idea work for your school?

We believe it will. Do you know why?

First of all, we are the only holiday school shoppe that offers 100% happiness insurance for free. So, if you are not happy, then we won’t be happy either. We are committed to making your boutique holiday event a smashing success!

Second, we have simple board presentations for school boards and PTA’s.  This way it will be easy to help them decide to work with our holiday shop program.

Finally, we offer a free cash registers app to make collecting payments easy! Simply look at the coded merchendise and type in the price codes. Voila! You are done 4X faster than using old fashioned cash registers. This way even your volunteers will enjoy your inschool holiday shop.

We believe your little holiday shoppers will love this so much that you will make this an annual tradition. Why not give our school holiday gift store a try?

Yes, we believe your elementary school holiday boutique ideas can become the most anticipated holiday event in your school.