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When planning a school holiday shop it is important to look into what your parent group will be getting. Make sure you get all the school holiday shop materials you need before you begin.

Imagine running a school holiday shop and realizing you don’t have everything you need.


So, when you work with SHS, we provide everything your PTA / PTO / PTSA / HSA could ask for. You see, running a Santa gift shop is not just a matter of buying some close-out goods at some local retailers or buying so no-name goods online.  It is a matter of using our quality, well packaged items and displaying them in a way that makes them shine.  A big part of the school gift shop program is making sure the students have everything they need to enjoy a memorable shopping experience.

For instance, just imagine a young child buying a few items for mom, dad and a sibling without a gift bag – so you give them a plastic grocery store bag instead.

It’s just not the same thing is it?

Well, that will never happen with us, because we provide you with three different sized gift bags.  And by the way, all the gift items will be displayed on cute table liners.

Board Presentation | Planning Guide

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