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Customer Testimonials

Testimonials of other satisfied PTA decision makers that love our school holiday shop program.

Testimonials from Happy Holiday Shop Clients

We had a great experience with the School Holiday Shop! We appreciated your help throughout the process.

The process was smooth and simple which made the experience a lot better for us. The app and the reorder processes were also great! We did have a small issue with one of our reorders but the gentleman that I spoke with from the warehouse did his best to rectify the situation. All in all it was a good experience!

Logan W.

Community Events and Fundraising Manager

The School Holiday Shop that our school did as a fundraiser this year was one of the most fun times our school had together all school year. The older kids helped the younger kids in their shopping experience. The children of all ages got to shop for their family members without the presence of their parents there, and this was just wonderful to watch as an adviser.

Chris was just such a pleasure to work with and so helpful with every step. The availability of absolutely everything we needed for the whole store was so easy in unpacking and setting up, and having everything we could have asked for. This is something that we want to do every year and are excited for next year to do it again!

(OK thank you again so so much Chris for absolutely everything and I’m sorry these are a little late getting back to you but they are so heartfelt and I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for both of these fundraisers!!!)

Beth Cody

Websterville Christian Academy

Our school has been using the Schoolholidayshop.com for the last seven years. The merchandise is of great quality and the customer Service is outstanding. Chris Stevens does a very professional job making sure all of our needs are met.

I would highly recommend the company to any school.

Karen M.


Our school participates in this program every year. The kids love it and the staff is easy to work with. We’ve been with them for quite a few years, and will continue to do business with them. Chris is always pleasant and courteous. Furthermore, she helps with every aspect of the store. This is a great program to get your school involved with!

Courtney V.

West Valley

Our PTA loves working with School Holiday Shop. It is a smooth, easy process & we always enjoy seeing what items we receive!

The kids in our school really look forward to the “Santa Store” and it wouldn’t be possible without School Holiday Shop & because of their awesome staff!

So thank you for all you do!


Goreville Schools PTA Vice President

With this being our first Holiday Shop to do, I was a little nervous. It was a great fundraiser and we will definitely have one every year from now on. The support and customer service is GREAT!!!….

Sharon H.

Kleberg PTA

We have used https://schoolholidayshop.com for the past 2 years and also have them booked for our holiday shop next school year already. The products are shipped directly to the school, we set everything up for the kids to view, it’s a big hit, and when the sale is over we box it up and ship it back. So easy and products are great! A win win for all!

Matthew J.

School PTO

We absolutely love working with The Holiday Shop! We’ve used their services for three years, and the process could not be any easier. Everything is seamless- from the initial reservation, package delivery, cash register app and return policy to their outstanding customer service. We have found the best partner for our large event, and I also look forward to using them for years to come.

Megan D.

Elmhurst District

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