Teach Your Children Well - You Will be Rewarded and Proud

Teach your Children Well

Teach your children well. When should you start? Teaching kids to be grateful can begin at any age.  Let’s face it in a world that is ever changing and rudeness is more the norm than the exception teaching kids to be grateful will make less stressful adults.  I grew up in a time when you addressed your elders with respect and always said “please and thank you”.  We certainly do not want our children to grow up feeling spoiled and entitled.  The bottom line is: Teach your children well! Instill good values in your children.

How to teach your children well

1) Be grateful parents. Kids learn from us.  Let them know you are grateful for them and what they have.

2) Volunteer helping the homeless or at a retirement home.  When my son was younger, we volunteered at a retirement home and over time he adopted a “grandparent”. They both learned from the experience of the power of giving.

3) Attitude.  I read somewhere that the key to success is not just hard work but the biggest factor is attitude. Practicing grateful thinking leads to a more positive thinking towards family, friends, school, and community.

4) It is OK to say No. Saying no sometimes will teach your child to be grateful for what they have.  Of you will get the dreaded question, Why? Or the so and so has it.

5)Let them earn it.  Having your child do a little something extra to earn something teaches them that you should work for what you want.  Kids must learn that not all things are a given.

6) Have your child write down notes of gratitude.  Like, “Thank you mom for making my favorite meal.” Take time as a family to share your notes of gratitude.

As much as we would like to keep our kids in a bubble, reality is they will be in the world.  The key is to teach them how to handle the world with politeness and gratitude.  Our children reflect us as parents so the more we lead the more they will follow.

7) Teach your children to be grateful.

Instruct your child so you will be proud of them later on

In conclusion, you only have a little while to influence your children. So, start when they are young when they still believe you know everything! Its also important to teach your children life principles that will help them to be productive members of society one day. Finally, view this as an investment.  This is because when you teach your children well, they will be there to help you later on in life when you need them most.


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