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School holiday shops. A wonderful and fun time for the children and parents alike.


In School Holiday Gift Shop – Most items priced under $4.85 each 

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Brand New! Gold Client Plan“. Over 25 FREE services; they are all part of our program.

New! No Count Inventory“. Simply sell the merchandise and send it back to us – it does not get any easier than this.

New! For 2018 we now offer you the convenience of running what we call the “Show n’ Sell” option. Perfect for schools or PTA / PTO groups short on volunteers, space or time. It is so convenient – we send you one sample of each item and then you give the children are given order forms, they walk through the shop – turn them in – and then we send you the merchandise. The wish list shop is the newest thing and it can reduce the stress of running a standard shop.

So Cool! The expanded use of our “Gift Certificate” program, which allows you and the children to send emails to friends, family, associates who could then purchase gift certificates which you can print and they can be used as currency in the holiday shop. It is also convenient for moms and dads to simply print them for their children and pay via credit card. So you don’t have to worry about your child losing cash money. Each certificate comes with its own unique number so you don’t have to worry if your child loses it.

New! Now your volunteers can accept credit cards through our “Cash Register App” – this is a great way to increase sales and make it convenient for for shops that run at night or on weekends. There are no fees or extra charges to use this component.

Additional and Convenient In-School Shop Services

We now offer 24/7 online ordering – and a personalized web sites for all of our school holiday shops. Simply log into your account at with your school code and pin in the middle of our home page. There you will be able to track shipments, track orders, place re-orders, view shipments, order additional supplies and most importantly, you will be able to process your own invoice whenever you wish. offers an extensive selection of very reasonably priced gifts items – many of them priced for as little as $.25 each. We have a great selection of items to look at. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 800.645.6550 – and as a division of Tracy Hamilton Inc. ( we will be here to support you in your upcoming plans to run a school holiday shopper.

If your elementary school is interested in setting up a shop we can assist you. We have many resources and information about running a school gift shop program.  We suggest downloading our Best Practices / School Board document. Or, just give us a call at 800.645.6550 and speak with a school holiday shop customer service person.  And, if you have questions about running an elementary school holiday gift shop then please visit our “Questions & Answers” page.

Reasons to use our In School Holiday Gift Shop 

School holiday shops are enjoyable for the kids.  Older students teach the youngsters valuable lessons too.  Run it as a fundraiser and mark up the items anywhere from 10% to 20% or more; we suggest 10% as a guideline. School gift shop ideas have been a large part of the elementary schoolchildren experience for decades.  Our “gold client plan“, cash register app, online ordering, UPS order tracking, gift certificates and more makes our Santa shop a winner.  We are a top rated national provider of school holiday shop programs.  These programs are referred to by a variety of names, such as: school Christmas shop, in school holiday shop, school holiday shop fundraiser, holiday shoppes, secret Santa shop, school holiday gift shop. Children shop on their own, it’s safe and the kids have a ton of fun buying gifts on their own.

Kids get to shop without their parents around – they love it, it builds confidence.  They are a wonderful way for your elementary school to provide a “good time” and fun-filled, well disciplined “shopping day” for the children. So, if your school is looking to run a “school holiday shop” then please give us a call at 800.645.6550.  We will address any questions or concerns you might have.

50 Years of Experience Working with Schools

We have been working with schools for over fifty years.  Regardless of how an “In school gift shop” is referred to, we have what it takes to make yours a success. We have lots of experience in working with schools.  You can run it as a service or a holiday shop fundraising program. We have some great special incentives for your school to take advantage of – please review our offers.

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Plan your Holiday Shop Fundraiser

Set up your shop with an experienced company

The parent group leaders should never lose track of one very important thing.  Self funded holiday shops can be very difficult to manage and have a lot of “hidden” costs.

Primarily, a local store or online retail vendor does not specialize in “school holiday shops” items.  They don’t provide the selling materials necessary to make your shop a success – we do.  And, although you may save some money purchasing your products locally, it actually costs more. Add up the extra costs, such as gas, time, unsold merchandise, storing the unsold merchandise, etc.  The choice to “go local” is filled with pitfalls. We urge you to choose a reputable school holiday shop vendor as apposed to trying to buy all the products independently. Below are some important “school holiday shop” pointers to keep in mind during the decision making process.

Run your “In School Holiday Shop” with a qualified supplier with experience – Review Reasons Below:

  • The parent group will be stuck with what you don’t sell – but all our merchandise is on consignment
  • You will pay shipping when you buy your products up front – no shipping charges with our school holiday boutique program.
  • You will pay shipping when you place re-orders – not with our school holiday boutique program.
  • The PTA will not have selling and marketing materials; such as bags, tablecloths, posters, envelopes, etc – you get all that and more from us.
  • You will probably have a huge paperwork load – but not with us
  • You will wind up making numerous runs to local 99¢ cent stores to re-stock – need more goods, call us
  • Most 99¢ stores don’t carry customized items – we do.


Plan your school gift shop properly

Key aspects to school Santa shop planning is extremely important – like the adage goes “Good planning prevents poor Performance”. Make sure you take the time in planning your in-school shop.  Need assistance or have questions on “best practices” then please visit our “Contact us” page and send us your “Holiday Shop” questions.

Best Practice for School Holiday Shops

  • Estimate how much merchandise your school will require
  • Get proper approval or authorization from “school holiday shop” decision maker; principal or vice principal
  • Plan your shoppe dates way ahead of time – and sign up early to get a start date that “you” want
  • Reserve your space; room, auditorium, etc
  • Line up the appropriate number of reliable volunteers
  • Open boxes upon delivery – confirm all holiday shop inventory
  • Group your opened merchandise properly and use our free tent cards for pricing
  • Decide how you will mark up the merchandise – that decision is yours alone – not ours
  • Allow one extra day for snow day or other delays
  • Set up a “Preview Day”, for students to browse what they want to buy
  • Make sure you have enough change on hand for transactions

Key points of running a good school gift shop

The success of your school holiday shop is, in large part, based on your choice of supplier / vendor. Make sure your supplier provides you with all the selling materials and customer support to make your shop a success – and remember, you have to take part in that process as well – but picking the right supplier will make all the difference.

How to Make School Holiday Shops a Great Success

  • Volunteer and sponsor commitment is key – you have to be “hands on” and “involved”
  • Distribute parent letters to the children according to your schedule
  • Place shop posters in high visibility areas such as lunchroom and front office
  • Mark all tables properly for ease of shopping
  • Take advantage of the support materials, such as:
    • Tablecloths – help create a festive mood
    • Free tent cards – they can be pre priced with a 10% or 20% markup or you can customize them
    • Gift Bags – makes it easy for the kids; they come in three different sizes
    • Budget envelopes – urge parents to fill them out, especially for younger students
  • Display all products – try not to judge what you think will sell.  Kids are fickle – and you would be surprised at how much money their parents give them to spend
  • Creative a festive mood. Play holiday music – have some volunteers wear Santa hats – have fun and enjoy…and remember it’s all for the kids.

Customer support is a must
Here at we offer a full compliment of trained customer service people to handle any and all of your inquiries – if you need further assistance call our “School Holiday Shop” hotline at 800.645.6550.

The Right Vendor Makes all the Difference – Make the Right Choice

  • We have been servicing school holiday shops for over 50 years
  • Our offices are open 9-5 Monday through Friday (E.S.T.) – always a live person
  • All staff call in for their messages if they are out or if we are closed for some reason
  • Emails are checked remotely – so send us a message and we’ll answer it promptly
  • We are well trained on questions about holiday shop sales
  • You can get support from both our corporate sales office and our logistics facility (Two for the price of one)

  • Please provide us with firm dates later in the season
  • Choose how you want to customize your shop
  • Confirm cash back money or free spending bucks
  • Relax – you have a company with 50 yrs. experience


  • Arrives at your doorstep around 4 weeks before shop start date
  • Comprehensive “How to Manual”
  • Full sized color posters
  • Color 8.5” x 11” Parent Letters
  • Nicely printed “Budget Envelopes”
  • Info for utilizing your “always accessible” custom web site


  • Our items are “price coded” according to the markup chosen
  • Our items arrive one week before shop begins to start
  • And, three different sized color bags arrive for the kids to use
  • Free tablecloths arrive for all school holiday shops
  • Each item comes with a customized tent card
  • “Volunteer Gear” arrives – 100% Free for all school holiday shops

  • Log into
  • Choose “No-Count Cash in Box” option or “Count Inventory” option
  • Take your deductions and create your own invoice
  • Send unsold items back – we pay all the freight..!
  • “Ta-da..!” – Enjoy the Holidays