Holiday Shop Program Highlights

We offer the best school holiday shop features.  We know our way around the holiday shop industry and have been improving our offerings for many years.  Some important highlights are below.

School holiday shop features and benefits

Four Easy Steps for Success.  Why are they Important?

  • Get it done in “4 Easy Steps”. If you have ever considered a “no-worries” holiday shop then we have the answer.  Our program is like nothing you have ever seen – it’s so easy.
  • Make a splash to the rest of your parent / teacher group with our “School Board Presentation” download. It will explain in full detail everything your group will need to make a smart and smart decision for your school holiday shop.

    Gift Certificates & Kick Off Video Boosts Sales

  • Our “Gift Certificate” add-on serves two purposes. Send emails to family and friends anywhere in the world.  Recipients can sponsor your child’s purchases at the shop.  Purchase certificates for your own children instead of giving them cash, it comes in handy. Certificates are all numbered and coded so there is no chance of problems.  Finally, our school shop gift certificates have no service fees.  Payments are deducted automatically from your invoice.
  • Get Pumped” video. This free add-on is a two minute video which you can choose to use at the school or in individual classrooms on your teacher white boards.  It’s fun and will definitely get the kids excited about the holiday shop.

    Free Materials – Creates Interest

  • Free “Holiday Shop” Materials. Simply said, we provide a ton of free materials which include gift bags in three different sizes, table liners, posters, parent letters and a host of other free benefits which are 100% free..!

    Cash Register App – Makes Checkout a Breeze

  • Our cash register app works like a charm. Gone are the days of old style adding machines.  The app allows you to unclog lines of students by having more than one person checking the kids out for payment.  But, old habits are hard to break – we still have adding machines available on a first come, first served basis.  Please call us at 800.645.6550 and inquire.