Gold Client Plan

25 Free Services to Make your Holiday Shop a Success

“Gold Client Plan“ – free school Christmas shop services - Call 800.645.6550

List of 25 Free Services School Gift Shop

  1. 01

    100% risk free – all merchandise is on consignment

  2. 02

    No-count inventory option

  3. 03

    Online gift certificates – have friends and family join in. Also great for our “credit card” world

  4. 04

    Free “Carnival Kit” – fun items for the kids, great for any time of the year

  5. 05

    Absolutely Free “Volunteer Gear” cute gifts for volunteers

  6. 06

    Free “IOU” program for the kids

  7. 07

    Festive “parent letters” (available in Spanish version too)

  8. 08

    All merchandise is price coded – for easy checkout

  9. 09

    Next day delivery for re-orders by 10:30 AM

  10. 10

    Accept credit card payments at the shop

  11. 11

    Free shipping on all orders and free returns

  12. 12

    Easy to use Holiday Shop Portal for the sponsor

  13. 13

    Set your “own” mark-ups and profits – we suggest 10%

  14. 14

    Free budget envelopes for each child

  15. 15

    Free decorative table liners

  16. 16

    Re-order every day

  17. 17

    Official “How To Manual” – helps make planning a snap

  18. 18

    Animated kick off video for the kids

  19. 19

    Free color tent cards for each item

  20. 20

    Cash register app 3.0 – makes checkout a breeze

  21. 21

    Track any shipment instantly via UPS link in the Portal

  22. 22

    $1 million in product liability insurance – you’re covered

  23. 23

    Free 18″ x 24″ color posters to promote the holiday shop

  24. 24

    Free color resealable gift bags in three different sizes

  25. 25

    All merchandise meets or exceeds Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

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