School Holiday Gift Shop Cash Register App

Why should you use our holiday shop cash register app?

Our holiday shop cash register app make checkout a breeze. Imagine running your school holiday shop 4x faster than doing it by hand. We are not joking! It allows you to simplify the entire school holiday shop check out process – and makes for a much more simplified secret santa shop – it works like a charm. What’s even better is that you can have multiple volunteers use the app – as long as they have a smart phone.

Say goodbye to long lines of impatient squirming kids. Gone are the days of those old clunky adding machines which always break, don’t work right and are hard to operate. Now all you have to do is simply push a button on the app that corresponds to a “Price Code” found on each item. The App automatically adds up each item – making check out a breeze.

You won’t be able to go back to doing things the old way again!

Additional benefits of using our holiday shop cash register app

  • Works on both Apple and Android operating system
  • Works on phones, tablets or laptops
  • New! Also serves as a stand alone credit card processing application (call us for details)
  • Saves time – allows numerous volunteers to use the app on each of their devices.
  • Turn this into an elementary school fundraiser. Easily set up an approximate 10% or 20% markup or customized pricing to your liking.
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    State of the Art App vs. Clunky Adding Machine

    Old style cash registers (glorified adding machines in reality) are usually slow – especially when there are lots of students waiting in line – like a retail store without enough check out lanes open. In addition, the cash register may not be pre-programmed and your cashier may find it confusing and frustrating to program and set up with your mark-ups. Our free app speeds up the checkout process because multiple volunteers can check out students at the same time. No more long lines and no more confusing cash registers!

    Download our “Cash Register App” in the Apple App Store
    (Search for “Holiday Shop Cash Register)