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Fun Snow Day Ideas For Kids

School cancellation? Here are 14 fun snow day ideas for kids to spend time with your children.

As you look out the window, you see there is plenty of snow out there. You turn on the local radio station and find out that school has been canceled for today. What is the next step? How can you make the most of this time together?  You need a list of fun snow ideas for kids, don’t you? For example, here are some ideas from the experts:

Time to catch up on rest

Tell the kids to go back to sleep. Here is your chance to get some extra rest too, because you are going to need it later. Remember, you have kids to entertain all day now! Tell the kids if they are quiet they can go out and play in the snow later on.

Catch up on homework

The odds are your students have homework and projects to catch up on. So, now it’s time to fess up. Who has unfinished homework? Who has a project or a report that we can get started on?

Your children may not enjoy this at first. However, remind them of snow play time later on when they are completed.

He also suggests study groups in your neighborhood. Students who may attend the same school could get together for a few hours to study and get some school work done.

Chores! Chores! And More Chores!

Here is a chance to get some help around the house. It’s time for the kids to make their bed and clean up their rooms before going outside. It also gives you time to train your child and prepare them to take care of themselves.

Teach them how to use a vacuum, dust and organize. These are all skills that will help them their entire life. If you make these chores fun and do them together, you will create good memories for you and your children.

Time for learning life lessons

Here are just a few things you can spend time teaching your children on a cold wintry day.

More fun snow day ideas for kids – It’s play time now!

Now that homework and chores are completed, its time for fun!

Here are some fun indoor ideas for kids. For example, you can:

  • Build a snow man together.
  • Make snow angels.
  • Make a snow fort.
  • Snow ball fights!
  • Hot chocolate and home made cookies! Mmmmm…
  • Watch a family movie.
  • It’s Zumba time!
  • Play board games like Yahtzee, Scrabble, checkers and Monopoly.
  • Finally, remember to take lots of pictures and videos. Share these with the other parent when they get home from work or the grandparents.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed these fun snow day ideas for kids.

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