Gold Client Plan for School Holiday Shops

Why do our clients love the GOLD holiday shop plan? See for yourself! We invite you to compare us to the competition and see why our Gold Client Plan is the best you are going to find in the industry.


Current Incentives for your In-School Shop

Gold Client Plan for in School Santa Shops
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Our gold client plan is just our way of saying “we want to earn your business“.   Part of that process is making you feel good that we are giving you everything you need to create an AMZING holiday experience for the kids. Our free offers are the icing on the cake.  Our plan covers three parts – incentives, services and options.  Find out about all the free service we offer on our “25 Free Services” page.  For questions please call 800.645.6550.  We look forward to working with your PTA in planning your Santa gift shop.


25 Free Holiday Boutique Services

You read it right, your school gets 25 free holiday shop services.  It might even be more, we ran out of space.  But seriously, we urge you to read them.  They are important because we want you to understand you get everything you need to succeed, And yes— we are proud to provide them to you and your school.

Three Holiday Shopper Options

We started with one, it grew to three – so we listen to the needs of our clients.  We offer three great choices:

Standard Shop

115 gift items, most priced under $5.00 each, almost all of them gift boxed. Is this the same “old stuff” everyone else carries? Nope— Not at all! And unlike certain competitors our line is brand new, fresh, well packaged and complete.  In fact, ask a competitor to tell you “exactly” which items they will be sending you in December and see if you can get a list from them.  Many of them are still running to closeout shows during the summer to patch their line together. On the other hand, you can see everything you will be getting with us here.

$5.00 and Under Economy Shop

This economically priced shop has gotten more and more popular over the years. Why? It’s because of the economy has pulled and many of the students families just don’t have the money they want to spend on holiday gifts. Schools love our economy shop because it allows every child to be able to afford a gift. That is because so many gifts are priced under a buck!

 “Show and Sell Shop”

Is your school tight on space or volunteers? Not to worry! Our show & sell shop might be exactly what you are looking for! How does it work? Simply display a sample of every item. Allow the kids walk through and write or pay for what they want – add it all up – we send you the order. Ta-da..!