Four Easy Steps - Run school holiday shop

How To Run A School Holiday Shop in 4 Easy Steps

It is so easy to run a school holiday shop.  See for yourself because it only takes four simple steps!

Are you ready?

Step one is to sign up your elementary school.  From there it only gets easier! This is because our holiday shop program does all the work for you. Next, tell us  where you want your carnival kit shipped and we will get the ball rolling right away.

Ready to see how this easy can be for yourself?

Sign up for your holiday shop incentives


  • Not sure about when you want to run your school holiday shop? No worries! This is because we can always get your firm dates later in the season.
  • Additionally, you get to choose how you want to customize your shop.
  • Choose either getting cash back money or free spending bucks
  • Relax – Because you have a company with 50 yrs. experience willing to hold your hand every step of the way.

Run a school holiday shop - step 2


  • At your doorstep around four weeks before shop start date
  • You also get an easy to read “How to Manual” so you have a fun and memorable experience.
  • Furthermore, you get full sized color posters.
  • Color 8.5” x 11” Parent Letters. Additionally, we will customize them for your school.
  • Nicely printed “Budget Envelopes”
  • Free “Volunteer Gear” arrives
  • Info on how to access and use your custom “24/7 ” holiday shop web site for your school.



  • All gift items are “price coded” according to the markup you chose.
  • Items arrive around one week before shop begins.
  • You also get FREE color Tent cards for each item.
  • Three different sized color bags arrive for the kids to use.
  • Free tablecloths arrive.
  • Free return labels enclosed.



  • How do you wrap things up after your holiday shop event is over?
  • Log into
  • You get to choose either the “No-Count Inventory” option or “Count Inventory” option.
  • Take your deductions and create your own invoice.
  • Send all the unsold items back. Good news! We pay all the freight!
  • “Ta-da..!” – It’s time for you to relax and enjoy the Holidays.