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Gift Items

There are many companies that offer school gift shops, some that offer good service – and many more that do not. We urge you to compare us to the other school holiday shop competitors. After all, it’s the smart way to choose the best company. Look over what we offer.

Gift Items for School Holiday Shops

Why are our Christmas gift school store items BETTER?

Gift items school shops – buyers go to shows all around the world to find the coolest and most up to date products.  So why do things the hard way? We guarantee our school shop items will work well for your Santa gift shop! If not—we will refund your money with absolutely no questions asked.

School holiday shop gift items – most items are priced at around $4.00 – $5.00 each.  As you can see we make it affordable for every child to participate. Finally, all of our merchandise is gift boxed.

Gift Items – how we make it easier than the rest

For instance, our merchandise is well priced, almost all come in color gift boxes and are all price coded. Additionally, all of our items come with free color tent cards. This means you won’t lose track of what you’re selling when you have to re-stock the table. Furthermore, we provide you with all the auxiliary materials you will need to run a successful holiday boutique. Finally, please take a look at our price list for our current line holiday shop gift items for this season.

Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, Aunts
Dads, Grandpas, Brothers and Uncles
Friends, Kids, Pets and More
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Presenting one of our top-notch fundraising items, a stylish key ring engraved with the heartwarming phrase "World's Brightest Dad". Complimented by a pair of keys, it's the perfect choice for your Holiday Fundraiser. Not only will purchases boost your campaign funds, but they'll also provide a special touch to any holiday gift-giving occasion. This unique keepsake is sure to be cherished by dads across the globe. Join us in celebrating fatherhood while also reaching your fundraising goals!
Give your holiday fundraisers a boost with our exclusive "World's Greatest" promotional set, neatly packaged to impress. This stellar set comes with a finely-crafted pen and keychain, both elegantly inscribed with "World's Greatest". Ideal for schools and organizations looking to generate revenue while also spreading holiday cheer. This top-rated fundraising item is sure to bring smiles while boosting your profits.
Presenting our "Greatest Dad Ever" novelty trophy, meticulously displayed next to its original packaging box. A premium choice from our fundraising catalog that serves as a perfect holiday fundraiser item for schools and organizations, generating significant proceeds while providing community members an engaging way to show their appreciation this festive season.
Show your appreciation this holiday season with our "Top Dad" themed pen, perfectly captured in our catalog! This top-tier writing instrument is a perfect gift for all the stellar fathers out there. As your organization purchases these pens, an identical companion piece along with its original packaging is also provided in the background to reinforce its exceptional value. Boost your fundraiser’s success as you offer an exclusive opportunity to celebrate dads while supporting a great cause!
Upgrade your holiday fundraising efforts with our 3D Tic-Tac-Toe sets! Crafted from high-quality wood, this elevated take on the classic board game includes charming X and O pieces housed in a stylish package. Guaranteed to be a big hit for any school or organization looking to raise funds during the festive season!
Featured in our fundraising catalog is the animated and lively "Super Uncle Hero" mug. Emblazoned with vibrant, comic-book inspired graphics, this mug features the statement "super uncle hero" on one side. The reverse side boasts an endearing sentiment: "some superheroes don't have capes - they are called uncle!" Guaranteed to put a smile on your favorite uncle's face, this fun and functional mug makes an excellent addition to your holiday fundraiser's offerings. Brought to you by our expert team dedicated to helping schools and organizations achieve their fundraising goals during the festive season.
Introducing our super-hero themed mugs in our holiday fundraising catalog! Excellent for appreciating your devoted educators and doubling up as wonderful fundraising items. These premium quality mugs are intertwined with words of tribute and acknowledgement like "Super Teacher Hero" and "Some Superheroes Don't Have Capes, They are Called Teachers!" If you're in school organizations looking to raise some extra funds or just want to show your gratitude towards educators, these exciting teacher-themed products make perfect sense. Let's celebrate our everyday heroes this holiday season!
Check out our latest fundraising catalog for schools and organizations! Featured prominently are two novelty mugs, each carrying an exciting superhero-themed design. These lifelong keepsakes brilliantly celebrate the cherished role of a grandpa – perfect for those holiday fundraisers. Raise funds with style and sentiment this festive season!
Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our new "World's Greatest" pop-up phone holder, featured in our fundraising catalog. This handy accessory, showcased by a cheerful gentleman on a smartphone, adds convenience and personality to your mobile experience. Detailed images in our catalog further illustrate the unique design and practical use of this must-have item. Your school or organization can raise significant funds during holiday fundraisers by offering such compelling products to supporters. Partner with us today for a successful fundraising experience!
Presenting two vibrant and engaging mugs, sporting cherished superhero-themed designs that honor fatherhood. These festive vessels are perfect for your organization's holiday fundraising catalog, providing a product that encapsulates both functionality and sentimentality. Ideal for schools or other non-profit organizations looking to raise funds in a fun, creative way during the holiday season.
Showcase your support for dads and throw in a hint of superhero magic with our festive car window clings! Our fundraising catalog offers designs exclusively crafted to celebrate fatherhood. These vibrant, superhero-themed messages can be displayed proudly on any vehicle - a perfect addition to your school or organization's holiday fundraiser!
Introducing our classy leather money clip with an appealing "Super Dad" embossing, featuring a twenty-dollar bill and packaged in a specially designed box. It's the perfect item for holiday fundraising catalogs for schools and organizations seeking to gather revenue in style!
Our catalog features a vibrant, blue megaphone toy designed to take any fundraiser or celebration up a notch. This interactive product boasts exciting voice-changing capabilities that add charm and amusement to any event. Users can choose from various tones such as those resembling a girl, a boy, or even a robot. Each megaphone comes innovatively packaged in an eye-catching colorful box which itself is sure to draw attention and increase sales at your next fundraising venture. The perfect addition to your school's holiday fundraiser assortment!
Discover the irresistible allure of our "Treasure Island Lucky Gems" collection, an extraordinary selection of colorful gemstone toys. Perfect for fundraising endeavors that sparkle with promise during special holiday seasons. Your school or organization can leverage these captivating gemstone toys to enhance your fundraising activities, turning fun and games into significant financial support. Engage donors with our festive catalog that showcases these vibrant gems, available exclusively through your dedicated fundraising campaign.
Showcase a collection of 36 distinct heart-shaped earrings in your fundraising catalog. Each pair is available for individual purchase, as indicated on the label. Perfect for holiday fundraisers, allowing your school or organization to raise considerable funds effectively and efficiently.
Explore our curated selection of 24 diversified stud earrings, sold separately in an exquisite display box. Perfect for your school or organization's festive fundraisers, offered through our specialized fundraising catalogs.
Showcase the delightful and adventurous "Skull Island Stretch & Squish" series in your next holiday fundraiser! Stocked with an array of stretchable and squishable gorilla toys, our catalogs will offer a playful twist for donors. These captivating toys, presented in fun packaging, will garner attention from kids and adults alike. Consider commencing your fundraising journey with this engaging range - perfect for schools and organizations looking to add some excitement to their campaigns.
Introducing our latest fundraising catalog offering - a vibrant assortment of high-bounce balls, packed in a dynamic space-themed packaging aptly named "Super Sonic". This exciting collection is an excellent choice for schools and other organizations looking to enhance their holiday fundraisers. Add some fun and color to your fundraising efforts with our "Super Sonic" high-bounce balls!
Delight your audiences with our fundraising catalog offering - the "Sugar Plum Scented Sand Slime". A joyous sight to behold as children stretch and play with its vibrant, tactile texture. Ideal for holiday fundraisers, this product is ready to bring joy and amazement in every scoop! Foster fun while raising funds for your school or organization.
Elevate your fundraising efforts with our vibrant, stretchy snake toys - they're perfect for both satisfying fidgeting needs and setting up playful pranks. Our merchandise catalogs lay out a joyous selection of these tactile novelties, an ideal choice to bolster your holiday fundraisers. Encourage participation while offering hours of entertaining amusement!
Experience the thrill and fun with our Translucent Toy Car, featured in our fundraising catalog. This toy car boasts vibrant green and purple wheels and is skillfully designed to depict an exciting sense of motion. Make your holiday fundraisers more vibrant while contributing towards a noble cause through our captivating school support program offerings.
Introducing our fundraising catalogue's new highlight, a unique set of three vibrant bracelets adorned with novel shark-shaped clasps. Identified as the "Shark Surfer Bracelets," they are showcased with an enthralling action image of surfing accompanied by the daring text that says, "No Fear." These captivating items not only make for fashionable accessories but can also be your ticket to securing substantial funds during our exciting holiday fundraisers. Encourage school spirit and organizational unity while raising money in style - why just surf when you can surf with the sharks?
Introducing our holiday fundraising star: a charming plush bear donning a Santa hat, complete with an attached "Snowball" tag. The perfect addition to your school or organization's festive fundraiser catalog!
Experience the joy of giving with Stare's Fashions Fundraising Catalog. Our charming puffy heart-shaped necklace, worn by a radiant young girl in our advertisement, is just one of many items your school or organization can offer in your holiday fundraising endeavors. Let every purchase spread holiday cheer and contribute to your causes!