Elementary School Shop Ideas – Simple, Successful, Profitable

Whether you need money for your playground equipment, gym mats or just general school supplies, then you have come to the right place. These simple, successful and profitable elementary school shop ideas are sure to raise money for your school students.

Holiday School Boutique – A Simple Elementary School Shop

We think you would agree that for an elementary school store to be successful, it would have to meet the following criteria.

  1. Is it simple so anyone can do it?
  2. Will the students support it so it is successful?
  3. Is it profitable so you raise the money you need?

Lets take these one at a time so that you can prove to yourself that a school holiday shop is the way to go.

Is a holiday gift shop simple to set up and run?

It depends whether you are trying to do this on your own or if you use a proven trusted system. Many of our clients tried to run their own school shop before. They tell us that the biggest headaches were getting holiday shop merchandise & holiday shoppe supplies.

However, when you work with a proven holiday shop vendor like Tracey Hamilton, the headaches go away. At least that is what our repeat clients tell us.

Here are a few of the benefits we offer that make running your holiday shop easy and successful.

  • Consistent holiday shop inventory There are no surprises here. You can clearly see what we have in our inventory. You don’t have to worry about us running out of your favorite items.
  • Did you run out of an item? No problem, we will have the merchandise for your holiday boutique there in just a few days.
  • We provide all of the things people normally forget. Table cloths, posters etc. We have you covered.
  • You only pay for what the kids purchase. Just send everything back to us.
  • Are you limited on space? Simply let the kids choose what they want and let them pay for it upfront. You can then buy the merchandise with the money received from the paid orders. This way you have no money out of pocket.
  • We have an awesome phone app that makes checkout a breeze!
  • You will LOVE our “No Count Inventory” option. Just box it up and send it back. We will take care of the rest for you.

Will the students support the holiday shop so it is successful?

You might be wondering about questions like these:

Tired of trying to sell items that kids won’t buy?

These items are “kid approved”. Don’t judge them for yourself. You need to think like a kid and you will see the appeal. We keep the same inventory because kids LOVE our products. Just watch their little faces and you will understand what we mean.

Will the kids be able to afford these gifts?

Our shop is filled with over 100 items. In fact, see for yourself that most of them are priced between $.25 to $10.00. The average price is only about $4.75 each. This means that your students can afford them. We include free parent letters so that mom and dad will fully support this.

The kids will love this program. Many of the students will be shopping for gifts for the first time on their own. You will notice there will be a buzz of excitement in the school holiday shop as they pick out unique gifts for grandma and grandpa.

Will running the holiday gift shop be profitable?

In conclusion… Yes, you can run this as a fundraiser. Simply mark up the items for what ever percentage you like. Typically, we suggest 10-20%.

One of our clients, Myra tells us, “Our large order, which was in the $10,000.00 range, was turned around in less than a week and we were able to get the gifts sorted and wrapped and out to the students a week before their Christmas break.

You can see that a 20% markup would mean $2,000 profit for the school fundraiser.

We hope you found these elementary school shop ideas helpful.

Finally, why not order your free holiday school shop kit today to see for yourself, how easy and profitable this can be.

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