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PTO Holiday Shop Ideas That Sell Great & Kids Love

School Holiday Shop Ideas For Parents and Teachers Organizations

Your school is counting on you. After all, they are looking to you to come up with PTO Holiday Shop ideas. Elementary school budgets are tight all over the nation. School funding has been slashed over and over again. If history repeats itself, you can expect future school budget cuts as well. 

What can you do to raise funds for your school consistently year in and year out? The answer is to set up a Holiday school shop that your students love.

Our best PTO holiday shop ideas for your elementary school

Let’s face it, you’re busy. Between running a PTO, working a job and driving kids to karate lessons or soccer practice, there isn’t much time left over.   As a result, many well meaning teachers & parents underestimate the workload involved in one of these stores. 

That is why we share these tips to make it easier to run your PTO holiday shop program.

Stop doing it all yourself

Why would you run back and forth to the dollar store to replenish merchandise for your shop, when you can have a simple source for product like schoolholidayshop.com? Allow us to do all the work for you so you can concentrate on your students and families. 

With over a 100 products that kids love, you will never have to worry about shopping for supplies again. 

Plan ahead.

Give yourself plenty of time to research your options. We find that to run a successful holiday shop, the sooner you contact us the better. 

When you call, we can schedule a date for your shop to open. We will send our helpful school holiday shop managing kit right to your door about 4 weeks before it opens. This should give you the time you need to get a room, line up plenty of volunteers, choose products and decorate.

Choose the type of school holiday shop you want to run

We don’t have “a one shop fits all” PTO approach.

In fact, did you know that we offer three great ways to run a holiday shop? Each has its own advantages. We encourage you to take your time and get acquainted with each of them.

One of our staff would be happy to explain the benefits and differences to you.

Don’t base your order on personal preferences

We see this happen over and over again. The PTO is tempted to order things that appeal to them. However, this can be a big mistake. 

You may find it interesting at what appeals to the kids. In fact, many schools are surprised by the most popular product ordered by children. The lesson? Don’t prejudge the merchandise. Allow the students to choose for themselves.

Don’t assume the kids will buy the cheapest things

Here is another lesson we have learned over the years. You might be surprised how much money some parents give their kids to spend at the school gift shop. Some of the PTO’s will shy away from some of the products we have that cost $10, only to find that the kids will buy them if they are on display. 

The lesson? Send out those parent letters! Your student’s parents want to support you.

Try our Gift Certificate Option

Did you ever notice that some kids tend to lose everything? Other kids may be bullied at school. So it is very understandable that some parents don’t want to send their kid to school with cash. 

Our gift certificate program allows parents to purchase certificates in small dollar increments using their credit cards. It also allows grandparents and family members that may live far away to get involved. 

Gift certificates with its own unique serial number are emailed to each child. 

Try our cash register app

Imagine how crazy it gets with 30 kids waving money, gift certificates and shop merchandise and trying to check out at the same time! 

The Holiday shop cash register app will make your job up to 4x faster than doing it by hand. The great part about this is that each volunteer can use the app on their own smart phone. All they have to do is punch the right price code button and it adds everything up for them nice and easy just the way you like it.

Here at schoolholidayshop.com we hope to earn your trust as well as your business. Learn how we stack up against the competition

When you are ready to talk to someone, give us a call. We would love to answer your questions about some of our best PTO holiday shop ideas.