Unique Gifts For Grandma

Unique Gifts For Grandma from our School Holiday Shop

Having a grandma in your life is a special thing. Unfortunately, grandmas don’t last forever. That is why it is important for children to enjoy every moment that they can with them. Grandmothers have much to offer their grand kids including a whole lot of love along along with many life lessons to share. Here are a few ideas for unique gifts for grandma. We hope you find them helpful.

What kind of gifts do grandmothers want?

Think about this for a moment. What kind of gifts do you want for yourself? Your answers will give you insight into what grandma may want also. Many people report they enjoy the following types of presents.

  • Gifts involving things they enjoy.
  • Gifts that save them time, work or energy.
  • Unique gifts that remind them of people they love.

Unique gifts that nana may enjoy

Does grandma have any hobbies or interests? This is a great place to start. My grandmother enjoyed word puzzles, crocheting and playing scrabble. How about your child’s grandmother? This insight can give you many ideas for presents for them.

Special grandma presents that save them time, work or energy

Grandmothers get tired and they don’t always have the energy that they used to. This is an excellent chance to give them a gift to tell them how much you love them. Think about making certificates up that your kids can redeem for them:

  • One free foot massage for grandma.
  • One free house vacuuming session.
  • Free yard raking session.
  • One free breakfast in bed coupon.

HINT: Grandma may appreciate your offer, but never take you up on this. This means you may need to bring the kids over and just do it for her!

One of a kind presents that remind grandmama of the people she loves.

Home made gifts are great for this. This makes a great family project for the children to get involved in. here are a few ideas:

  • Drawings & Paintings
  • Scrap books
  • Photo albums
  • Video movies
  • Family Portraits

Another idea is practical things that grandma can use every day. The holiday school shop is full of affordable grandma gifts including:

  • Coffee mugs
  • Pens
  • Bracelets’
  • Necklaces
  • Compact mirrors
  • Ornaments

Every time grandmother uses these or admires them she will be reminded that her grand kids love her. Each of these is priced affordably so the children can pick them out & pay for it themselves. This makes these school holiday shop boutique gifts even more special to grandparents.

What does Granny say about gifts picked out and paid for by their grand children?

One grandma said she “Melted”, when she found out that her grandson used all of his money to buy her some earrings. Imagine her dismay when she lost them in “a safe place”. Notice what grandma had to say,

“I contacted Amber Sloan through the Three Oaks PTA, who got in touch with SchoolHolidayShop.com… Amber explained my dilemma. This company-with-a- heart shipped the earrings by overnight express to me…..just in time…..at no charge to me.! Thank you, Amber, and School HolidayShop.com! “ 

Di you know that you can get your own free kit on how to set up gift shop for your school?

What are the best gifts for grandma?

These are gifts that your kids pick out for them. They are gifts bought in love and paid for in love. Remember this includes gifts of your time. Regular phone calls, emails, texts and visits are opportunities for grandma to be in your child’s life. Cherish these while you have them. One day it may be too late.