My First Shopping Experience on my own at the School Holiday Shop

My first shopping experience on my own

Think back to when you were 9 years old…that is when I had my first shopping experience on my own – it was wonderful.

Question: How do you buy a surprise gift for mom, dad, grandpa or grandma when you are too small to go shopping alone?

A holiday school shop in your child’s elementary school is the answer. It certainly was the answer for little Jimmy.

For several months now, Jimmy had been saving his allowance money. Plus grandpa always gave him the spare change in his pocket when he would come for a visit. Consequently, his little piggy bank was full and little Jimmy felt proud he was able to save up his money.

This little boy wanted to surprise mom with a gift more than anything. Yet, his little mind reasoned that it couldn’t really be a surprise if mom was the one that took him shopping.

How a holiday school shop gave Jimmy his very first shopping experience on his own at school

The ideas of his school setting up a holiday school shop excited Jimmy. His little heart beat with anticipation as he waited on line. Imagine the glimmer in his eyes as he perused the many gifts that he could get for mom. He saw bracelets, necklaces, mirrors, pens and coffee cups all personalized for his mother.

The best part though were the prices, because he found that almost all of the presents for mom were under $5.00. Hence, he could get her just about anything that he wanted to. His eye fell upon a gemstone bracelet that said, “Just perfect mom”. It encapsulated everything that he felt about her. He had it gift wrapped and even made a card for her.

It was memorable day because the gift really surprised Mom. Can you imagine how excited Jimmy was as she read the card and opened the present? Moms tears told Jimmy she loved the bracelet.

A powerful memory was created that day in little Jimmy’s mind and heart. Powerful lessons were learned as well. Jimmy learned the value of saving up his money for a gift for mom and the joy that comes from giving gifts to the people he loves.

Setting up a School Santa Shop

If you would like help in setting up a holiday school shop for your kids school, then please reach out to us today. Your PTO or PTA will love the benefits your school receives. If you are a parent you will love the lessons your child will learn. Allow us to show you why is the right vendor for your holiday school shop.

You can be assured that there are many little kids like Jimmy that will benefit from their first shopping experience alone. Perhaps it will be one of your very own children.