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Wholesale Gifts, Supplies & Merchandise for In School Holiday Gift Shop Programs for Kids

Are you looking for wholesale in school holiday shop supplies and merchandise? Welcome to – your one stop location for holiday school shop merchandise & supplies.

Most successful PTO’s & PTA’s have an open mind, don’t they? The reason we bring this up, is because we want to introduce you to a different kind of School Holiday Shop Program that you may not be familiar with. In fact, with this idea you will no longer need to search for, purchase & warehouse school shop merchandise & supplies.

So, are you curious yet?

How to never buy school holiday shop supplies ever again…

Just suppose there was a way to run a school holiday gift shop program without needing to buy supplies or merchandise? Would that interest you? has two different ways for your elementary school to do this. You can try either one.

  1. Imagine a 100% consignment shop. First, we send you everything you need to succeed with your shop. Second, we send you the merchandise and you only pay for what you sell. You have our word… You pay for nothing up front from us – you send back what’s left, no hidden charges or fees. EVER.
  2. Option 2 is running a “Show and Sell” shop – it is very successful, especially for those tight on space in the school. 

Physical Vs. “Show and Sell” Version

So, have you considered the benefits to running a walk through school shop over having to put out all the merchandise?

Many elementary schools have literal shop locations. This means the school needs to:

  • Firstly, allocate place to stock and store merchandise.
  • Additionally, you have to put aside funds to purchase inventory for the holiday gift shop up front.
  • Finally, you have to allocate personnel to stock & run the school shop daily.

With school budgets being slashed all over the country, you can see how a physical school shop takes valuable resources away from the school. Even worse… many schools have bought & STUCK with supplies for their holiday shop that they can’t sell!  This stinks because you shouldn’t have to pay money to raise money! Don’t you agree?

Allow us to show you a better way that requires limited square footage of space.  Zero funds to purchase product up front or zero personnel to man the shop all winter.

Setting up one of our “Show & Sell” school holiday shops is the answer.

In conclusion, imagine your students shopping for merchandise using one of our budget envelopes. The children can decide for themselves what gifts they want to purchase. Once your school has the payment in hand, you can order all the merchandise at one time. That means you are never stuck with merchandise that people do not want to buy. Best of all, your school earns up to 52% on every order sold.

So you probably have a million questions, don’t you? You can get answers to the most commonly asked questions here.

Whether, you choose option one or two, you will NEVER have to search for supplies or merchandise again. We guaranty your students will love the custom gifts in our school holiday shop for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt & uncle. Furthermore, this will be an experience the children will remember for a lifetime.

And finally, why not just give us a chance? Call 1-800-645-6550 now and get your planning guide today. So, this means shopping for School holiday shop supplies will be a thing of the past for your school PTO or PTA!

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