School Holiday Shop Designs

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FUN school holiday shop designs ideas for your school

Countdown to the exciting school holiday shop or secret santa shop. It is almost time for the beautiful season of giving. The school holiday shop is the most anticipated event of the year. It can also be a great opportunity for kids to have fun and extend love to their family and friends. Have you decided on what school holiday shop designs ideas, tips and suggestions to use yet?

Designs and decor are one of the important things to put in place when setting up a holiday shop. So it is best to have your school holiday shop in amazing and great designs. School holiday shops usually require a spacious environment because kids need enough space to move around. Having figured a place to use, whether the school hall or another big space, you have to come up with a suitable design. There are various design ideas that you can use to lighten up the shop environment.

Decorating your school holiday shop is a PTO duty that you can have a lot of parent volunteers for. Nothing beats having a decorative arena for a school holiday shop. This post contains beautiful and lovely decorative ideas for your secret santa shop for school.

Spread the spirit of the holiday with a giant Elf

A Christmas holiday shop decoration is never complete without an elf. Get a giant elf in a corner close to the line to keep the kids going. The sight of the elf will¬† also encourage good behavior and help them act in line (this has worked a couple of times). You can also have a caption written just behind the elf. ‘This holiday shop is under elf surveillance’ and ‘ Maintain order, the elf is watching ‘ are examples of great captions to use.


Don’t forget the Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is the real deal! Get in the spirit of Christmas by having a Christmas tree at the entrance of the shop. This helps to get in the spirit of Christmas. Additionally, get two medium-sized Christmas trees at the entrance, keep them facing each other. Alternatively, you can have a large Christmas tree at the middle of the space.
Make the space colorful by having painted cardboards on the wall

Since the idea of the entire school holiday shop is a school project, you can also get the kids to do some craft designs just to add a pop of color to the shop. Get them to paint on cardboard. This will instill a sense of service within them.


Cone and ribbon

This makes a perfect design every time. You can have a cone hung up in the ceiling with ribbons dangling from it. It brings life to the entire space.


Holiday light decoration


You need to get creative because it’s Christmas season. Make some beautiful light to make the whole place bright and bold. An oversized holiday light will be just perfect for your school holiday shop. Hang oversized light made from balloons, ribbons, and solo cups from the ceiling. Finally, make them colorful by using a combination of white, green, and red.


A photo station

If we don’t save the memories, the holiday will be incomplete. Set up a photo station where the kids can take pictures they can look unto and remember how fun-filled the school holiday shop was. Finally, set your photo station up with wrapping paper backdrop, holiday lights, and garland.


Wrap up your wrapping station

Design your wrapping station to speak for itself. Firstly, wrap the tables and chairs into presents. Secondly, wrap them with colorful linens. This brings some creativity into the entire space.


School Holiday Shop Gift Items

Finally, after having the decoration is fixed, you can now bring in the gifts. Next we supply you with amazing holiday gifts from all over the world to fill your decorated room. One of the reasons why you should work with us to set up your school holiday shop is that we provide you with selling materials. We know your PTA doesn’t have all of these already. So we also provide them to you for free. They are helpful items for a successful holiday shop.

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