Santa Workshop Ideas

Santa workshop ideas for school holiday shop

Try These FUN Santa Workshop Ideas!

Christmas is a magical holiday for everyone, especially the kids. One of the popular things that happen during the Christmas holiday is the Santa workshop where kids visit to receive gifts. Santa is the reason for the season, and that is why everywhere should be well decorated to be magical and enchanting. So you will enjoy having fun with these these santa workshop ideas.

A Santa workshop makes Christmas perfect. It helps to capture the joy and abundance that the season of Christmas brings. You can turn a space in your school environment into a functional space for Christmas decorations. You can invite all the allure of Santa into your space. We have come up with lovely Santa workshop ideas to help you achieve the best Christmas design you’ve ever had. After all, it is the best to make secret santa gifts for kids. Right?

Before we begin to list the secret Santa shop ideas to try out this Christmas, you need to understand that Santa workshop is all about creativity. You can bring in all the items you find around you and use them for the decorations. Finally, it is important to know that creativity is key, so be ready to unleash the creativity in you to design a perfect Santa workshop for the Christmas holiday.


Welcome to the North Pole

Santa lives in the North Pole, which makes it a perfect reason why we should depict his residence. Santa Claus has his workshop in the North Pole, so set your door or entrance to look like the north pole. You can also set the stage of your school’s Christmas shop or holiday shop to depict the north pole. Do this by adding a few signs on a background. Signs like “it’s good to have you at the north pole,” ” Welcome to Santa’s workshop,” or “Elves at work ” will make a perfect sign for the north pole decoration. You can get the older kids to create a sign using a piece of plywood to be hung by a piece of wire.


And here comes Santa

It’s a Santa workshop so we should have evidence of him around. Get someone to dress up in Santa’s outfit to represent Santa, or you could simply buy a huge Santa toy to represent Santa Claus. But, kids have more fun with the human Santa Claus. Do not leave out Santa’s letter behind, create one and put in a place where everyone can see it.


Christmas tree

There is no Christmas without a Christmas tree. Set a Christmas tree up to decorate your school Santa workshop. Decorate it with toys, cookies, and tools


Bring in the Elves

The elves have a prominent role to play in Santa’s workshop. The picture of elves is one of the first things that comes to mind when picturing a Santa workshop. You can have some of the kids dressed as elves, or you can have them designed with paper, cup, ribbon, and balloon. Also, leave the evidence of elves all around to show that they are on duty.

The Elf’s workstation

What are the products of Santa’s workshop? Toys, of course. Let the whole place be full of toys. Display all kinds of toys by letting them hang from different angles. Display vintage toys all over the space. Set up a table to pass as the elves’ workstation for producing toys. Place some vintage tools like a hammer, glue, fabric, small hands, etc. Keep an old kerosene lantern at the center of the table to depict the workstation of the elves.



Bring the feeling of festivity into Santa’s workshop. Keep lunchboxes on a bench in the room. Open up the lunch boxes to show the contents. You can also stuff items like marshmallows, packets of chocolate, and candies in the lunchboxes.


Items needed for A Santa workshop

In conclusion, setting up a Santa workshop does not demand the use of overly sophisticated items. The kids can make most of the things you need, so you won’t be spending a lot of money to create a Santa workshop, you will need creativity instead. Items for a Santa workshop includes, Christmas tree Wooden toy ornaments, Small tools, Gingerbread cookies, Greenery, Wood workbench or table, Vintage wood toolbox, Craft supplies, Hand tools, Kerosene lantern, Child-sized work gloves, Vintage metal lunch boxes , Candy canes, Hot cocoa mix, Miniature marshmallows, Child-sized outerwear, Handmade toys, Gingerbread house kit, and Wall signs. Finally, if you want help in setting up a secret santa shop for your elementary school give a try.