Three Great Holiday School Gift Shop Ideas & Options

In addition, we will do our best to “customize” your shop.
(This is not a guaranteed service, but please inquire by calling 800.645.6550. Please note shops cannot be customized with our school gift shop ideas after September 30th)


Standard School Holiday Shop:

school gift shop ideas - option oneOur standard school holiday shop is really an understatement..! It is filled with over 100 items, priced from $.25 to $10.00.

It also  has an average price of around $4.75 each. Furthermore, our standard school boutique is affordable. Additionally, please remember, you do not have to display items you do not think will sell – the choice is yours. Our “Standard Shop” items are for moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandma, grandpa, friends and other relatives. You won’t find these custom theme items at your local $.99 store!


$5.00 Economy Shop:

school gift shop option twoIf your school or your parent / teacher organization would rather go for a less expensive alternative then our “$5.00 Economy Shop” is perfect for you.  Every item is $5.00 or less, with an average price of around $2.75. This makes it the perfect fit for any school that wants a more moderate priced shop.  Don’t be fooled by the budget pricing because these are the same quality, well packaged products you will see in our standard program.

“Show n’ Sell Shop”:

school gift shop - idea threeAre you short for space or volunteers?  For schools who want to run a holiday shop but they are short on helpers or space we have the perfect answer – our “Show n’ Sell” Shop.  It is so convenient that we are finding more and more schools running it.

Here’s how it works…

We send you a complete set of samples to display along with free budget envelopes

You pick a time to walk the children through the shop with their “wish list” order form.

Children that have their money will pay on the spot. Additionally, other children will bring the list home afterwards and pay the next day.

Finally, you gather up all the orders and place one single order with us. We will then ship the order to you along with plenty of bags for the true “gift giving” experience.