School holiday gift shop fundraiser

School holiday gift shop fundraiser

School Holiday Gift Shop Fundraiser: Important Facts

School holiday gift shop fundraiser – fun and profitable.  Raise money for your elementary school. Put some extra money in the PTA bank account for the future. It is 100% risk free. Your school will earn from 10% to 50% profits. The amount of money you earn is completely up to you and your parent-teacher group. Please review our program highlights and see how running a holiday shop fundraiser can really pay off for your school.  Make money while still doing a wonderful job for the kids.

Other Options for School Holiday Gift Shop Fundraisers

There are plenty of alternatives to running a Santa holiday gift shop fundraiser. Many of them are a lot more profitable than running a school gift shop fundraiser. There are cookie dough, gift wrap, cookies, candy bars and many other programs.  But if you want the kids to have a really fun time we suggest you run an in-school gift holiday shop fundraiser.  When it comes to a school holiday gift shop fundraiser – you can raise money.  It is your decision how much money your school fundraiser wants to raise.  The decision of your markup is completely in your hands, not ours.

School holiday shop fundraisers are a great way for elementary aged schoolchildren to all join in and have fun shopping on their own.  No looking over to see where mom and dad are – it’s a first time experience.  Raise money for the parent-teacher organization and have tons of fun.  Our item selection is second to none – we invite you to take a look.

Benefits of Children Being Involved in Holiday Shop Fundraisers
(Five Important Reasons)

  1. Teach the older kids about management
  2. Enable other children to learn about accounting
  3. Teach the younger kids about budgeting
  4. Make a class project out of the fundraiser
  5. Schools use fundraising profits to make local donations