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School Holiday Shop Ideas Near Me

Mary asked Siri, “Find school holiday shop ideas near me.” Mary is a mother of twins in her local elementary school. She has been an active mom in her children’s education and a proud member of the PTA. This year she volunteered to come up with some unique winter holiday shop ideas for schools. Mary chanced upon this site, just like you have. Allow us to show you how our holiday school shop program can work for you too.

Easy Elementary School Holiday Shops Nearby

We have a unique school holiday shop program that is just perfect for elementary schools like yours.

How does it work?

The good news is that we help you plan it step by step. You will love how easy this can be to create a festive atmosphere for your school this winter.

Isn’t it true that every holiday season many of the families in your community get into the “giving spirit?” Our school program allows you to set up a holiday school shop for your students to buy gifts for mom, dad and the entire family.

It’s an amazing program because it allows many children to shop for presents alone for the very first time. As you can imagine this creates an air of excitement among the students.

FUN School Holiday Boutiques In Your Area

We will make running a school holiday boutique as easy as possible for you.

  • First we provide you with a kick off video to get your school excited about this program.
  • We also give you festive posters, decorations and colorful bags to create the right atmosphere.
  • Our free carnival kit provides fun things for the kids.
  • All our gift items are on consignment which means you don’t have to pay for anything until it sells.
  • WE will always stand 100% behind our quality gifts we sell.
  • You can mark up the items so that your school PTA can earn 10% – 20% or more on each sale.
  • Our free cash register app makes check out easy. You can even accept credit cards, so your students don’t have to carry around lots of cash.

Additionally you can try these ideas at your holiday shop.

  • Go to the dollar store and buy plenty of candy canes to hand out to the students.
  • Ask the older students that volunteer to help out at the store to dress up in elf costumes to add to the holiday fun.
  • Have the children draw holiday gift posters to advertise the school store & decorate the halls.

Will This Work For My School?

Some people are a little hesitant before trying something new. Perhaps, you can relate to that.

The parents at the Goreville School PTA felt the same way at first. However, notice what they found:

“Every year our PTA votes to host a “Santa Store” or holiday shop and love it! It is a fun and easy way to give back to our school. The children love the Santa Store and being able to purchase gifts for their loved ones for Christmas. The entire process is easy and worth every minute. Thank you for making it possible for us to host an event such as this.”

School Holiday Shop Ideas Near Me: Call now!

We invite you to a free consultation call to see if our school holiday shop ideas can work for you. Let’s talk about your questions and concerns. Let’s find out what is important to you and your school. Then we will share some of our best tips, suggestions and ideas to make your holiday school shop a success. It will be a worthwhile call for you.


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