4 School Holiday Shop Success Stories To Help You Take Your Next Step

School Holiday Shop Success Stories

So you may like what you see so far. After all, the idea of having a holiday shop at your elementary school sounds like a lot of fun. Perhaps, you have watched videos and also read all of the articles on this website. Yet there is still something that may be holding you back. Maybe it’s time for a few school holiday shop success stories.

4 school holiday shop success stories to inspire you

We get calls from time to time from PTA members that ask questions like this:
  • Is it really this easy to run a holiday shop?
  • Will it work for our school?
  • Will this work in Nebraska, Idaho or Maine? (Everyone thinks their area is different!)
The answer is yes, yes and

Here are 4 School holiday shop success stories to encourage you to take the next step

We will share these case stories one at a time. Additionally, we will discuss some lessons that you might find helpful.

Holiday shop success story # 1

“We used them last year for Mary Esther Elementary holiday shop 2018 and they were amazing. The kids were able to afford more and liked the products that were available below $5.00. We had nothing over $11.00. They have always been friendly customer service and their shipping was the best I have ever experienced, we would order in the afternoon and have the new products by morning, we are in Florida. I would highly recommend trying them out. We are using them again for 2019.” — Denise Write 
What do we learn from their success story?
Perhaps Denise had her doubts about running a holiday shop at first. However, after working with https://schoolholidayshop.com what did she find?
She found our friendly customer service and shipping was the best she ever experienced. Imagine ordering holiday shop merchandise on a Thursday afternoon and receiving them by Friday morning—Even though they were a thousand miles away.
School holiday shop success story # 2
“We were looking for more of a pop-up type holiday shop for our one night PTA event, unfortunately they don’t offer that type but Joe W was SO kind and gave me a link to a fellow business that does. I was so touched by his kindness and swift response. Very rare to find that in today’s world and we were so appreciative. We will definitely use them in the future if we decide to run a full holiday shop next year!” — Michele Horton 
What do we learn from this success story?
Joe did not try to sell something to Michelle that would not meet her needs. Instead, he made a suggestion and directed her to another business.
So why did he do this? It is because SHS understands that customer service comes first. And look how things worked out in the end. Michelle left a beautiful review about our integrity and they also may work with us next year.

School holiday boutique success story # 3

“Working with Joe, Chris and Michelle have been delightful. They are courteous and knowledgeable and make fundraising easier than ever. Thank you all!” – Tracie Clemens 
What do we learn about Tracie’s experience?
Maybe Tracie had doubts too at first.
However, what did she find instead? She said with https://schoolholidayshop.com’s help it made the fundraising event easier than ever before.

Holiday school shop success story # 4

“Our School Holiday Shop experience, was amazing, from all aspects of the event. Communication was prompt and clear from organizing to closing. The items were affordably priced and above all the Children had a blast, buying presents for family members (and themselves..).
We look forward to working with School Holiday Shop in the future!”- IQES PTA 
What do we learn from this fourth holiday shop the success story?
The PTA describes it as an amazing experience. Prompt and clear communication made it easy to organize, run and then close the holiday shop. Additionally, the kids had a great time!
How about you?
school holiday shop success stories

What is your biggest concern, fear or worry?

Feel free to read more testimonials of parents and teachers just like you. They had concerns and doubts at first too. However, in the end they were delighted with their experience. Furthermore, they return to SHS to help them run their school holiday shop year after year.
Whenever you are ready we invite you to a free conference call. Talk to Joe, Chris and Michelle yourself. See for yourself how helpful and accommodating they are. Our goal is to make your next school shot a smashing success so that we worked together for many years to come.


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