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School Holiday Shop Ideas During Covid Pandemic

Covid 19 School Holiday Shop Ideas During Pandemic Lockdown

school holiday shop ideas during Covid using zoom app

Looking for school holiday shop ideas during COVID 19?

So who else is waiting for school life as we “knew it” to return to normal? Looking back to the last semester, who would ever have thought the entire nation would be facing a pandemic lockdown? Unfortunately, the experts say this could last for up to three years.


What does this mean to your PTA board members?

It means parents in the PTA need to think outside the box for their students this year. Afterall, we still don’t know the protocol for how the students will attend school this year, do we?

So how do you have a school holiday shop while in a Covid pandemic and at the same time respect social distance rules?

We hope these school holiday shop ideas during COVID will be helpful to you.

Holding a School Holiday Shop during quarantine

So you may be wondering questions like these…

  • How do you hold a holiday shop for the kids when you can’t do it in person?
  • What kind of holiday shop works best during the pandemic?

Let’s address these one at a time.

How to run a school holiday shop using Zoom

If you haven’t discovered the free zoom app then you are missing out on an amazing resource to keep in touch with friends, students and family.

  • Get your free account here.
  • Additionally, you get up to 40 minutes of free video conferencing. Or pay $15 a month for unlimited meetings.
  • Finally, with up to 100 moms, dads and grandparents logging on at one time you could put on quite the virtual event!

So what are some ways to use zoom during the pandemic?

  • Zoom is great for doing training and brainstorming with your volunteers. For instance, just suppose you signed up for our virtual school holiday shop. You can also use the free zoom app for training sessions and motivational meetings with your volunteers. That app will allow everyone to participate and get involved in the program.
  • The trainer can even share their screen and show everyone the latest gifts in the gallery and explain how the happiness insurance program and the cash register app works.
  • Furthermore, you can use the zoom app to have a meeting with all of the school parents to tell them about the virtual shop and how their kids will love it.
  • Additionally, just in case you can’t hold the holiday shop in person at school you can always use Zoom for your virtual school holiday shop. You can showcase the gifts and the students can tune into zoom to order the gifts they want for their family.
  • Finally, you can schedule an appointment time for the children to sign in to zoom to shop for their family.
  • So what do you think about these school holiday shop ideas during COVID so far?

In conclusion, remember to use zoom to hold a school holiday shop during Covid pandemic.

Everyone is stuck at home and looking for any excuse to do something fun. Our gift gallery include plenty of gift ideas for everyone in the family.

Furthermore, there is every reason to believe this pandemic will last through the holiday season. So this autumn, our virtual holiday shop will be the perfect time for your elementary students to shop for gifts for mom, dad and grandparents.

The best part is that your PTA gets everything they need to succeed. We will send you everything you need to decorate your shop.

Finally your school can easily turn this into a fundraiser and can mark up the products for a 10% -20% profit.

We hope you found these school holiday shop ideas during covid pandemic helpful.

If you would like to learn more about a free elementary school program, please reach out to us to talk to an expert.


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