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Children at school need “Guaranteed Recess Time”

…but many don’t get it.  Believe it or not… “Guaranteed Recess Time” is legally guaranteed in only one state.

Is it a good idea to have recess time for children? A recent article which is posted at our Facebook page from Today.com clearly states that recess is not just a good idea, but that is now the law..!

As adults we all recognize that working full time we need a coffee break now and then.  Employees with no breaks and some time to cool down actually have lower productivity. This results in lower morale and poor performance.

Children in our elementary schools need time to be free from the confines of the classroom and be on their own – it builds social skills, let’s them interact at their own pace and simply makes the day go quicker. Additionally, there are a host of important clinical and psychological reasons as outlined in an article from Pathwaystofamilywellness.org.  But most importantly, it allows schoolchildren to simply be “kids” for a while, just like the ole days..!

Recess time for kids is helpful in many ways.

Recess helps your students recharge their batteries

You know how you as an adult feel without a coffee break, don’t you? Well, if we feel this way, how much more so will children need a break. Many of them have so much energy they need to burn off to concentrate. Some schools are being proactive and are seeing great results, again at Today.com you can read about the results at Eagle Mountain Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas where the school throws open the doors four times a day..! They found that recess time for children works!

We don’t know what it’s like at your school. Does your school provide recess for the students? If not, then we urge you to start a petition. Then send it along to your Governor.  If you need assistance please contact us and we will help you along.