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Learn how to run an in school holiday gift shop

Who else wants to learn how to run an in school holiday gift shop the easy way?

So, you want to learn how to run an in school holiday gift shop.

You are curious about our program, aren’t you? You have taken the time to read our article on what our in-school holiday gift shop program is all about, and you have learned about some of the common mistakes people make when running an in school holiday gift shop event.

In this article we want to detail the simple steps to learn how to run an in-school holiday gift shoppe because we believe if you see how easy this is going to be, you will call up one of our customer service reps to learn more about the program.

Learn how to run an in-school holiday gift shop in 8 easy steps

1) Sign up and lock in your incentives.

We are the only school shop with happiness insurance.

If you want the best incentives, then call today to make sure you qualify for them.

Failure to lock in your incentives could mean missing out on the best deal for your school holiday gift shop.

2) Now it’s time to customize your shop.

You get to choose these three great options:

  1. Our standard school holiday shop is filled with 100 items from $.25 each to $10. The average gift cost only $4.75 each. There are gifts for everyone in the family.
  2. Our second option is the five dollar economy shop. All of the items are under five dollars. The average price of a gift is only $2.75. Because of this, these gifts are affordable for almost everyone.
  3. Our “Show and Sell” shop. This is perfect for the school with limited space. We send you a complete set of samples to display for the children to look at. The students walk through the aisles and select the gifts they want and order them. You simply send us the list of items that are pre-purchased. We will ship them out to you immediately.

3) Choose whether you want cash back money or free spending bucks.

Talk to your holiday shop expert to learn the difference between these two great options..

4) Select a date for your in school holiday gift shop.

Don’t wait for the last minute to do this because you will want time to organize and advertise this special event.

5) Select the chair person to manage the shop.

Ask for volunteers to help with the school holiday shop. Select an area in your school to set up the shop.

Start talking up the holiday school shop to get the children excited. We will design a free parent letter to send home with the children.

How will you additionally find ways advertise this program? You want to talk this up because you want the parents to give 100% support.

6) We will ship out your school holiday shop kit weeks before your shop start date.

It will include a very comprehensive “how to” manual to succeed in your school holiday event. You will also learn how to use your custom website.

7) Your merchandise arrives about one week before the shop opens.

This will give you plenty of time to set up your shop so it will be enchanting.

You will be happy to note that all of the items are priced coded already. You will also learn how to use the cash register app for when the children check out with their purchases.

8) It’s time to close up shop.

After your event is over, log in to your schoolholidayshop.com account.

You can go with either the “no count inventory” or the “count inventory” option. Simply choose which option you want, take your deductions, and then create your invoice.

You might be wondering, “So, what do we do with the unsold items?” Just pack them back up and ship them to us. We will also pay all the freight.

In conclusion, you can see now that this is going to be easy and a lot of fun. If you are like most of our customers, your school will want to do this again next year.

If this sounds like something your PTA would like to learn more about, we invite you to call right now.  


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