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What Is Our In-School Holiday Gift Shop Program About?

You might be curious about our in-school holiday gift shop program.

Perhaps you have heard parents from other schools talk about having an in-school holiday gift shop program.

This may have raised a few questions in your mind.

  1. So, what exactly is an in-school holiday gift shop?
  2. Additionally, how will this benefit our elementary school?
  3. Finally, what are some common in school holiday shop mistakes PTA’s can make?

In this article we will attempt to answer those questions for you.

So let’s tackle that first question…

What exactly is an in school holiday gift shop program?

Imagine your elementary school being transformed into an adorable holiday gift shop for your students. Close your eyes for a moment and see what it might look like if it was decorated with:

  • Colorful posters advertising the holiday gift shop.
  • Beautiful custom gifts sitting on colorful decorative tablecloths.
  • Gifts designed for moms, dads, grandma and grandpa too.
  • Free carnival kit with fun items for your students.
  • Volunteer gear gifts for your volunteers.
  • Free color tent cards for each item.
  • Free color gift bags for every purchase.

Can you see your elementary students bursting with excitement as they walk through the aisles looking at the gifts they can buy for the people they love?

You might be wondering…

Will our children be able to afford the gifts in the school holiday shop?

Most of the gifts are priced between $1- $5.

PTA’s tell us that because they are affordable almost everyone can afford to buy something for their family. The children can even buy a “hugs and kisses” card for only 50 cents.

Click here to see our affordable gifts.

This takes us to our second question…


How will this benefit our elementary school?

The more you can do to get your children excited about going to school the better, wouldn’t you agree?

So, here are some additional benefits of holding an in-school holiday gift shop in your elementary school.

  • This promotes great energy between the teachers and the parents at your school.
  • Our program will give your children something to look forward to every holiday season.
  • Furthermore, it provides a memorable experience for your students. This may be the first time your students ever bought a gift for mom on their own.
  • It is a consumer learning experience about buying merchandise.
  • It is also a mathematical learning experience. Your students will learn how to figure out if they can afford an item with their money. They will also learn about counting their change.
  • Additionally, it will also promote an amazing spirit of giving in your school.
  • Their are also plenty of opportunities for the older students to volunteer to staff your event.
  • Finally, the holiday school shop can also double as a fundraiser for your school.


What are some common inschool holiday shop mistakes PTA’s can make?

First of all, some PTA’s try to figure this whole thing out on their own. Imagine trying to do this yourself from scratch! How stressful! Don’t you agree?

How much better to work with a proven system like ours! This is because we have had time to iron out all of the kinks for you! After all, you want to remember this time fondly, as opposed to remembering this time with stressful memories, isn’t that so?

Additionally, others buy junk from the local dollar store. And the local parents are disappointed in the quality of the generic items sold. Isn’t it better to buy unique gifts designed for every member of the family?

Finally, some PTO’s buy merchandise upfront from an online store. The items don’t sell like they thought they would, and they can’t return them!

How frustrating!

Wouldn’t it be better to be able to return all the products you don’t sell and ship them for free? That is exactly how our program works.

You can learn about 5 more common mistakes made when holding a school holiday shop here.

Are you ready to have some fun with our free holiday event for elementary schools?

We hope this blog article answered your questions about what an in-school holiday gift shop is all about.

People will remember this event for many years to come. Additionally, we believe your students and their parents will love this program.

And finally, we believe you will have so much fun that this will become an annual event at your school.

Reach out to us with any additional questions you may have. A holiday school shop expert is standing by to answer your calls.


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