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Valentine’s Day for Kids

Valentine’s Day For Kids. Enjoy this personal story and the valuable lessons to pass on to your children.

Soon the notes will be coming home from the teacher with do’s and don’ts for the school day.  Ask the kids and they look forward to a day of cards, candy, and cupcakes.  I once had a friend ask did I give every child in my son’s class a card.  I said, of course. It was a way of teaching my son that everyone deserves kindness and love.

At some point, the card giving goes from something fun to what will be read and real.  We always had to buy a couple of boxes of cards since my son had to have girl cards and boy cards.  I cannot really be sure when it transitioned for my son but I do remember him wanting to be sure to give cards that were funny instead of the Happy Valentine’s Day with a heart on it. I suppose that is when we started making handmade cards. A simple note that said Happy Valentine’s Day and some caring words.

The school that my son attended required the kids to bring in a decorated box for them to receive their valentines.  They also asked the kids not to open the box until they went home. 

Sometimes there was a card that was not so nice from one of the kids.  I explained to my son that some kids think that it is ok to make other kids feel sad or to make them angry.  It was important for him not to dwell on the bad but feel good about all the nice cards he received.  It is like life – try your best take in the good and let the bad stay behind, where it mostly belongs. These are great values to instill in kids.

Fun Traditions On Valentine’s Day For Kids

Have a Valentine’s day tradition of your own.  Start your child’s day with a special breakfast and card, a flower, or a small gift. They will start the day feeling loved and appreciated.  And in the end, that is what Valentine’s Day is all about – making someone, especially children, feeling special.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your children from Schoolholidayshop.com