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PTA School Holiday Shop Mistakes – Fear Of looking Bad

PTA school holiday shop mistakes … you don’t want to make them.

For example, could fear of looking looking bad in the eyes of fellow PTA members, hurt your chances of the best school holiday shop boutique? 

Yes, it could.

Nobody wants to make a suggestion that flops. You know your board members better than anyone else. While some are helpful and supportive of you, others may be jealous. That is why some parents are worried about trying something new in their school. 

Will you make these common PTA School Holiday Shop Mistakes?

For example…

Are you looking for PTO holiday shop ideas?

Sharon told us that she was a little nervous with their first Holiday Shop.

Can you relate to that?

Let’s face it. It’s hard to stand out and be different sometimes. After all, nobody wants to look foolish. That’s probably the number one reason why some parents hold back from promoting a school holiday shop for their students.

In fact, many of our clients felt that way at one time or another. We could hear it in their voice during our initial consultation. Although many were afraid to tell us how they felt at first, many “confessed” afterwards. That is … after their school shop event was a smashing success!

The funny part is that the very ones that were nervous about how they would look for suggesting a school holiday shop were the very ones that were PRAISED by their peers for making this happen.

Funny, isn’t it?

For instance, that is what Sharon did!

In her review, she confessed about being a little nervous at first, but then said “It was a great fundraiser and we will definitely have one every year from now on. This is because the support and customer service is great!”

So, where are you in your thinking right now on this? Perhaps you may be thinking about one of the these lingering questions:

Are you concerned with how much this will cost you?

Put your checkbook away. We make this a really easy decision for PTAs and PTOs. You pay for nothing upfront from us. We will send you the inventory and you simply send back what doesn’t sell.

No hidden charges or fees.

You can’t get easier than that, can you?

So, can you see how this protects you personally?

Do you have any happy customer success stories to read?

Nobody wants to be the first person to try something, do they?

Thankfully you don’t have to do this alone. You are not the first one to try a school holiday shop with us.

Click here to read about some of our happy customers like Sharon and the Kleberg PTA that had their doubts just like you. You will read about our happy PTA members that come back to us year after year because the kids love this program.

How long have you been in business?

How does 50 years sound? Tracy Hamilton Inc. has been helping schools for a very long time. We plan on being here for you whenever you need us in the future. Whether it is for a school fundraiser, or a holiday shop, our goal is to make you look good 🙂

What about customer service?

Isn’t it annoying to call for customer service and be treated as if you were a pest instead? It’s a pet-peeve of ours. That’s why we always return phone calls, emails and messages.

Our success is only as good as your satisfaction with our service. We depend on schools returning to us year after year. That is why we insist on stellar 5 star customer service. It is the life blood of our business.

But those aren’t just our words.

Here is just a sample from our testimonial page. See for yourself…

“Customer service is outstanding.” Karen M. Director

“The support and service is great.” Kleberg PTA

“Chris is always pleasant and courteous. She helps with every aspect of the store.” Courtney, West Valley

“Every year our PTA votes to host a “Santa Store” and love it! Goreville School PTA

“It was a great experience and will recommend to our next board members!” Kristin, RWES PTA

“Fantastic customer service.” Ronit, Ben Franklin Elementary

“Great company…great customer service…great experience!” Amber, Three Oak Elementary School

Again, you can read more Holiday School Shop success stories here.

Avoid PTA holiday shop nightmares

In conclusion, what will you do next?

First of all, we invite you to read how other school PTA’s have had success with the program.

Additionally, encourage you to watch the school board presentation for yourself.

And finally, we encourage you to hop on a free call. Talk to Joe or Chris personally. Ask all of your questions and see how schoolholidayshop.com can help your Students have a fun holiday season too.


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