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Can you guess how many hot dogs we American’s eat during the summer?

Eating hot dogs in the summer – ya gotta love it.  We sure do love our hot dogs – that is a fact.   Between Memorial Day and Labor Day we eat a huge amount of hot-diggity-dogs..!  Baseball games, Fourth of July, backyard BBQ’s, franks and beans for dinner, pigs in a blankets at parties – you name um – we eat um..!

So take a guess. How many hotdogs do you think Americans eat each year?

275 million     855 million     1.75 billion     4.2 billion       7 billion          25.52 billion

So what do you think – did you guess right – here’s the answer?

Eating hot dogs in the summer – we love them too..!

Here at https://schoolholidayshop.com we love our hot dogs too – eating dogs is certainly more fun than working on finding new holiday shop items– even though we very much enjoy providing a fun experience for elementary school kids. As a bit of a home chef, I make up all kinds of nutty hot dog combos – like hot dogs with whipped cream, sweet relish and hot sauce (don’t make fun until you try one).  One of my favorites is simply a hot dog with spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut on a potato bun.

Hotdogs are fun but kids need to eat healthy food too. Here are some helpful tips.