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Does Watching TV Cause Childhood Obesity?

Attention Parents! Does watching TV cause childhood obesity? You be the judge after reading this article and seeing the latest research.

Recently we reported the latest news on the dangers of children playing violent video games.

But what about just watching regular TV? Is that safe for children? Read on and judge for yourself.

Do your children spend a lot of time online or watching TV? One new survey has found that young children that spend a lot of time watching TV and on the Internet are MUCH more likely to ask their parents to buy them junk food and become obese.

How much Internet and TV time is too much for children?

Only you as a parent can decide that.

However, here is some information to help you make an educated decision on this matter.

Are you ready?

Elementary school children that use the Internet for more than a half hour a day are TWICE as likely to ask their parents for junk food. That is what the research by cancer research UK tells us in their latest survey.

Imagine that. We are only talking about 30 minutes of TV watching a day. It causes children to be twice as likely to want to eat junk food. That is scary.

However, the research shows even more scary information for parents.

Do your children spend more than three hours a day on-line or watching TV?

Researchers say your children are more likely to spend their own money on junk food then those who are online for less than 1/2 of an hour.

Furthermore, children that spend from 30 minutes to 3 hours a day on the Internet are a whopping 53% more likely to be overweight too.

What about children who spend more than three hours a day watching TV and on the Internet? Heavy users are 79% more likely to be obese.

Why does watching TV cause childhood obesity?

Children that spend time on the Internet and watching TV are being bombarded with advertisements that promote junk food like sugary cereals, snacks and drinks. This creates a desire for them to want to eat it and they start pestering their parents.

Additionally, all of that time on the TV and internet means that the kids are not playing outside and getting physical exercise. So does watching TV cause childhood obesity? The facts are pointing to the conclusion that, YES it does.

What will you do with this information?

Of course, it is up to you how much time your children spend on the internet and watching TV. However, the facts show that there is a direct connection between these passive forms of entertainment and childhood obesity.

It is no wonder that many parents have decided to limit their children’s time on the Internet and TV every day. Here at schoolholidayshop.com we strongly believe in children’s education and health care. That is why we share public service announcements like this. We hope you find it helpful and as insightful as we have.