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Have you pulled enough of your hair out trying to get your kids to eat healthy food?

We are not hair stylists – but we might be able to help.

Listen, getting your children to eat healthy is an uphill battle.  Kids eating healthy sounds too good to be true..!  Thee best we can hope to do is introduce them to new foods, healthy foods and proper portions. And then pray that some of what we do sticks.  I think we can all remember when we had to try things when we were kids.  If you close your eyes you can almost see it now; worse yet, smell it.  Overcooked fish, wrinkled up peas, cauliflower, hard boiled eggs and asparagus. Certainly the one I personally could not stand the most – Brussels sprouts.  (Thinking of it, I pretty much cannot stand them even now – lol).

Your kids eating healthy – Just a dream?

But don’t fret – “Positivewellness.com” has some good tricks up their sleeves to disguise and make “hard to eat foods” a bit more palatable for your kids. They offer instructions and recipes to help in the process.  We found over some great and healthy snack ideas to get your kids to eat a little better and introduce them to some new foods.  Hopefully, it will make them think about eating in a new way.

I remember when I was a kid being a pain in the neck. I always fought with my parents when they wanted me to try new foods.  My dad made me an “an offer I couldn’t refuse” – just like the line from The Godfather.  He said to me “just try this – if you don’t like it you can spit it out”.  I know it sounds kind of gross, but the technique worked.  Additionally, I wound up trying a host of different foods – and I cannot remember ever spitting anything up, except maybe those pesky little Brussels sprouts.

Finally, I will close with the fact that I am considered a pretty good “home chef.” I believe in part, because there is nothing I will not cook or try eating.  Try my technique out on your kids – you might be surprised.

If you need a recipe or some input on jazzing one up I would be happy to help. Just shoot me an email or post on the blog and I will get back to you. And teach your kids the joy of making food and snacks for others.

Til’ later…

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