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Gift Items

There are many companies that offer school gift shops, some that offer good service – and many more that do not. We urge you to compare us to the other school holiday shop competitors. After all, it’s the smart way to choose the best company. Look over what we offer.

Gift Items for School Holiday Shops

Why are our Christmas gift school store items BETTER?

Gift items school shops – buyers go to shows all around the world to find the coolest and most up to date products.  So why do things the hard way? We guarantee our school shop items will work well for your Santa gift shop! If not—we will refund your money with absolutely no questions asked.

School holiday shop gift items – most items are priced at around $4.00 – $5.00 each.  As you can see we make it affordable for every child to participate. Finally, all of our merchandise is gift boxed.

Gift Items – how we make it easier than the rest

For instance, our merchandise is well priced, almost all come in color gift boxes and are all price coded. Additionally, all of our items come with free color tent cards. This means you won’t lose track of what you’re selling when you have to re-stock the table. Furthermore, we provide you with all the auxiliary materials you will need to run a successful holiday boutique. Finally, please take a look at our price list for our current line holiday shop gift items for this season.

Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, Aunts
Dads, Grandpas, Brothers and Uncles
Friends, Kids, Pets and More
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Introduce our "Fatherhood Special" key lanyards in your next holiday fundraising event. These exclusive lanyards from our Fundraising Catalog come in a set of two. The first one features sleek design with the warm caption "Dad," while the second one stands out with a bold label, reading "A Real American Hero." Crafted purely for saluting all those superhero dads out there, these key lanyards hold powerful selling potential to boost your fundraising goals.
Introducing our 14-inch BBQ tongs, ideal for any fundraising catalog. These are no ordinary tongs! They proudly bear the inscription "Dad's BBQ World Famous Tongs" which appeals to family-centric sentiments and is sure to entice supporters. Not only that, but they also feature an attractive image of deliciously grilled food, stirring up joyful feelings of warm weather cookouts and pleasurable gatherings with loved ones.

But we didn't stop there—the packaging also has a fun message that will surely bring an amused grin: "Chillin' & Grillin', Stand Back, Dad's Cooking." This playful touch is designed to appeal universally while staying in line with the core theme of the product. People will not just buy these for themselves but as gifts too— helping your organization raise more funds! Stock these fantastic BBQ tongs and watch your holiday fundraiser outperform expectations!
Introducing our Black and Yellow Tape Measure, a clever novelty item featured in our fundraising catalog. This is no ordinary measuring tool; it comes inscribed with the playful pun "Dad, no one measures up to you". Perfect as a Loveable holiday fundraiser, this whimsical gift not only shows Paternal appreciation but also supports your school or organization's cause. Get ready to let everyone 'measure' the extent of their generosity and bring smiles this holiday season!
Show appreciation for the beloved figures in your life this holiday season with our exquisite, inscribed keychain, crafted exclusively for grandfathers. Emblazoned with the endearing sentiment "Brightest Grandpa Ever", this keychain is an ideal fundraising item to kindle the family spirit during holidays. Variably dipped into different silver hues and accompanied by a set of keys, this essential accessory offers customers a sentimental gift choice that resonates profoundly while contributing to your organization's fundraising efforts. Order now from our catalogue and provide supporters the opportunity to surprise their dearest grandpa with a token of love and recognition!
Highlight your appreciation for the tireless educators in your life this holiday season with our vibrant "Brightest Teacher Ever" keychain from our premium fundraising catalog. This glorious keychain features a meticulously crafted gold glitter finish and securely accommodates a fancy key on a sturdy ring, becoming not just a functional tool, but an attractive accessory. As an ideal gift choice to epitomize your sentiments, purchasing this chic item allows you to contribute directly to funds raised for schools and organizations; enhancing education while presenting thoughtful gifts.
Presenting our eye-catching, turquoise, glitter-filled Christmas ornaments featuring the uplifting message of "Best Uncle Ever." These specially-crafted pieces are further enhanced with a proud trophy symbol adorned inside a classic laurel wreath.

Perfect for any holiday fundraising event or school fete catalog. Increase your contribution pinch with these sentiment-bearing ornaments that serve as an exceptional tiding of joy and wholesomeness for our honorable uncles during the festive season.
Boost your holiday fundraising efforts with our catalog featuring two splendid green glittery Christmas ornaments. Each is delicately inscribed with the message "Best Grandpa Ever" and proudly showcases a triumphant trophy icon enveloped in glorious laurels. Ideal for expressing love and appreciation to grandparents during the festive season, they are an excellent addition to any fundraising project. Let your school or organization use them as lucrative products for your upcoming holiday fundraisers.
Introduce our "Best Dad Ever" black travel mug into your fundraising catalog. Packaged neatly next to its retail box, this practical and touching item is sure to be a hit during your holiday fundraisers. By incorporating this product into your campaign, you can help schools and organizations earn significant profits all while putting a smile on dad's faces everywhere.
Bring the joy of the holidays to your fundraising event with our fantastic, fully customizable Christmas ornament options in our latest holiday catalog. These beautiful, glitter-adorned blue ornaments are an excellent way to show appreciation and festivity. One option is a heartfelt tribute to fathers with "Best Dad Ever" embossed on it, making a loving testament that would certainly find its place on any Christmas tree. The second features a victorious centerpiece depicting a number 1 trophy embraced by an elegant laurel wreath, eliciting thoughts of achievement and celebration. These make for highly sellable items that bring warmth for the buyer while also benefiting your school or organization's funding goals this holiday season!
Introducing our All-Pro Dad Football Bottle Opener - a creatively themed and beautifully crafted game day device for those loving patriarchs among us. This product is specifically designed to resemble a splendid football, ensuring you score with fathers who are buzzing with team spirit! On the market as ideal Father's Day or holiday gifts, this tool provides the perfect blend of practicality and sentimentality. Even more excitingly, slogans like "Best Pops Ever" throw in that quirky charm we all love. Offering these eye-catching bottle openers through our user-friendly fundraising catalogs makes raising funds for your school or organization an absolute breeze during the holiday season! Start unlocking bottles and potential today with our All-Pro Dad Football Bottle Opener!
Upgrade your fundraising offerings with our 32-piece Emergency Tool Kit. Perfect for holiday fundraisers, this versatile kit features interchangeable bits and a screwdriver handle that enables quick fixes on the go. Conveniently packaged in a compact case, it's an excellent choice for schools and organizations seeking to raise funds while providing practical products. Add some handy hardware to your fundraising catalog today!
Showcase your support for our cause this holiday season and invest in one of our fundraising catalog's top-selling items – the versatile 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool. Brilliantly presented alongside its sleek packaging, this handy, all-encompassing tool makes for an excellent gift or self-purchase. Excite your customers whilst supporting our school/organization with every purchase. Let's make fundraising not just rewarding but also enjoyable!
Discover our delightful range of assorted nail polish bottles, uniquely designed to mimic charming ice cream cones. Our innovative and playful designs will surely be a hit at your school holiday fundraisers. We also offer alluring orbs imbued with captivating fragrances of fresh fruit and tantalizing bubblegum that are perfect for any organization's fundraising catalog. Raise funds in style with our colorful and vibrant nail polishes!
Showcase your spirit with our exclusive Magic 8-Ball holiday fundraising catalog. It includes a stunning collage featuring the legendary Magic 8-Ball package, providing two intimate snapshots of the enchanting icosahedral die within; known for revealing mystic answers. To add more essence to it, we've included an artistic portrayal of a hand interacting with this charming toy. By choosing our catalog for your fundraising needs, you’re sure to engage and entertain - whilst raising essential funds this holiday season!
Our fundraising catalogs are proud to feature dynamic toy monster trucks with oversized wheels — showcased in mid-motion, displaying their exciting jumping and flipping capabilities. Alongside this, we give a peek into the appealing retail packaging as well. Opt for our catalogues for your holiday fundraisers and raise money in an engaging way by introducing these thrilling toys to your patrons.
Introducing our Fun Volcano Eruption Toy, designed with a unique flip-and-erupt feature that makes it an instant hit. This captivating novelty toy, marketed and packaged in an engaging way to bring out the joy of its functionalities, is a sure way to boost your holiday fundraisers. Ideal for schools and organizations looking to provide something exciting in their fundraising catalogs. See the profits erupt just like its fun volcano!
Our vibrant fundraising catalogs present products that may captify your audience and enhance your profit margins. Among these selections, we feature our radiant and lively bouncy balls, renowned for their "light-up" attribute. Not only do these products offer an exciting visual experience, but they also promise a 'super hi-bounce' factor that exceeds expectations in terms of playability and fun! Aptly classified as 'flash elastic', these fundraiser favorites are guaranteed to spark the interest of potential supporters while driving funds for your valued organization or school.
Showcase a unique, fun item in your upcoming holiday fundraising with our Toy Splat Egg. This entertaining novelty toy is designed to mimic the appearance of a raw breaking egg, sure to draw laughs and enjoyment from both kids and adults alike. The packaging is visibly clear, reflecting our commitment to transparency and utmost quality. Adding this product to your fundraising catalog would certainly add an edge and stimulate excitement in your fundraising efforts!
Presenting a cheerful young lady passionately displaying our delightful snowflake necklace, complete with a vibrant product advertisement backdrop. This stunning piece is part of our exclusive fundraising catalogue content, designed to assist schools and organizations in executing unforgettable holiday fundraisers. Increase your funds while adding sparkle to the season!
Boost your organization's fundraising efforts with our holiday catalog featuring an enticing Strawberry-Flavored Lip Gloss Set. This vibrant, candy-themed treasure comes with a uniquely designed Lollipop-Shaped applicator, adding extra charm to appeal to your supporters. Ideal for all ages, its delightful strawberry flavor is sure to be a hit. Raise funds the fun way!
Experience the magic of an illuminated spinning toy, masterfully operated with just a hand. This captivating plaything effortlessly hovers and spins, enchanting viewers with its mesmerizing purple and pink glow effect. Ideal for school or organization holiday fundraisers, our catalog offers this spectacular fundraising product to help you raise funds in an exciting and enjoyable way.
Showcasing our enchanting "best friends" heart pendant necklaces are two delightful young girls, gracing our latest fundraising catalog. This charming product not only celebrates friendship but also helps schools and organizations raise funds during the holiday season. Elevate your fundraising efforts with this beautiful keepsake that adorns the smiles of best friends everywhere.
Discover our exciting range of vibrant balloon animal-shaped erasers, stylishly showcased with their respective packaging. Ideal for holiday fundraisers, these unique items can bring cheer to any event while helping your school or organization raise necessary funds. Invigorate your fundraising strategy with these playful and practical pieces from our exclusive fundraising catalog.
Boost your next holiday fundraiser's revenue with our one-of-a-kind football-shaped toys! These popular items are emblazoned with the fun statement "All Pro Bro," making them the perfect gift for sports lovers. Available in vibrant green and crisp blue, these appealing toys are sure to be a hot ticket item in our latest fundraising catalog. Ideal for schools and organizations, they not only provide entertainment but also assist you in achieving your fundraising goals. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!