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Gift Items

There are many companies that offer school gift shops, some that offer good service – and many more that do not. We urge you to compare us to the other school holiday shop competitors. After all, it’s the smart way to choose the best company. Look over what we offer.

Gift Items for School Holiday Shops

Why are our Christmas gift school store items BETTER?

Gift items school shops – buyers go to shows all around the world to find the coolest and most up to date products.  So why do things the hard way? We guarantee our school shop items will work well for your Santa gift shop! If not—we will refund your money with absolutely no questions asked.

School holiday shop gift items – most items are priced at around $4.00 – $5.00 each.  As you can see we make it affordable for every child to participate. Finally, all of our merchandise is gift boxed.

Gift Items – how we make it easier than the rest

For instance, our merchandise is well priced, almost all come in color gift boxes and are all price coded. Additionally, all of our items come with free color tent cards. This means you won’t lose track of what you’re selling when you have to re-stock the table. Furthermore, we provide you with all the auxiliary materials you will need to run a successful holiday boutique. Finally, please take a look at our price list for our current line holiday shop gift items for this season.

Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, Aunts
Dads, Grandpas, Brothers and Uncles
Friends, Kids, Pets and More
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Gift Items School Shops  - heart pendant
Showcase your best fundraising merchandise with our range of customizable products. Presenting our 'Super Dad' themed smartphone pop-up holder, captured in various views held by a smiling model. Evoke the holiday spirit and encourage generous giving with this perfect gift, capable of enhancing any organization or school's fundraising catalog greatly!
Presenting our Orange Speckled Mug, perfect for your school or organization's holiday fundraiser. This fun mug comes emblazoned with the playful phrase "Sportsman Hands Off", making it a charming and unique piece likely to be popular among supporters. Ensuring ready-for-gifting convenience, each mug is packaged in its own box. Invest in our alluring and self-selling fundraising catalogs and take your holiday fundraising event to new heights!
Showcase your support and love for grandpas everywhere with our 'Star Grandpa' themed pen! Perfect for any holiday fundraiser, this pen will sure to delight its users. Whether it's used at home, office or school you'll not only be writing but making a difference too! Our catalog offers an up-close look at this pen and other similar items that can help generate funds for your organization or school. Buy from us and monetize the much-needed cheer this holiday!
Showcase the convenience and practicality of our Telescopic Back Scratcher as part of your next holiday fundraising project. Our presentation includes packaging display to illustrate the product's full potency when extended to maximum length. Delight potential donators with this unique item, which not only serves a practical purpose but could also incite giggles and spark conversations during the holiday season. Raise funds effectively while providing something that brings joy and comfort from our Fundraising Catalogs for schools and organizations!
Introducing our exclusive fundraising catalog, we present a thoughtfully curated item - the "Ninja Fish Lure". Our visually appealing design features an artistic representation of a fisherman in the midst of action, subtly placed in the backdrop. The true star of this piece is vividly portrayed in the foreground - a large, vibrant fishing lure that stands out with its unique charm. This item is perfect for creating a festive holiday environment while assisting your school or organization to raise funds effectively.
Introducing our "Wisdom, Strength & Heroism" fundraising catalog kit, inclusive of expressive keychains and decorative cards. These customized items bear motivating inscriptions such as "wise strong hero," making them perfect tokens of appreciation or heartfelt personal tributes. The strikingly designed "my hero" cards provide an additional symbolistic touch to your fundraising endeavors while bringing in the essence of the holiday season. Now schools and organizations can raise more funds with a dash of sentimentality through our holiday fundraisers!
Highlight the accomplishments of your distinguished members with our refined Oscar-inspired trophy, labeled "Man of the Year". Perfect for use as a grand prize in your holiday fundraisers or rewarding an individual's meaningful contributions to your school or organization. Supplement your fundraising efforts by letting individuals vie for an honor while supporting a worthy cause.
Introducing our customized Wooden Snack Set: Perfect for your school or organization's next holiday fundraising campaign. This impeccable set includes a snack board and coaster duo, each expertly crafted in wood and engraved with the playful text "Man Cave Snacks." The set is beautifully showcased alongside a chilled beverage glass and scrumptious cookies, creating an irresistible combo. With these must-have items on offer in your fundraiser catalog, you'll not only bring charm to someone’s “man cave," you'll also bring vital funds to your cause. Fundraising has never been easier - or more enjoyable!
Presenting our vibrant green, glow-in-the-dark flashlight as featured in our exclusive fundraising catalog. This indispensable utility item serves multiple uses, ideal for camping trips, barbeques, fishing ventures and cycling escapades and is attractively showcased with its distinctive packaging included. Your holiday fundraisers will take on a new luminosity when you offer this exciting product to supporters! Help your school or organization sparkle whilst raising essential funds with us.
Exclusive Parking - Reserved for World's Greatest Dad" Sign: The Perfect addition to your next Holiday Fundraiser Catalog. Generate funds and spread cheer simultaneously!
Presenting our two diverse versions of decorative garage plaques, perfect for any father's personal space. With the text "Dad's Garage," these signs come in distinct styles to suit varying tastes. Offering them through your school or organization's holiday fundraiser has potential to draw significant interest and create profitable returns. Boost your fundraising with products that resonate with shoppers on a personal level and celebrate the festive spirit simultaneously!
Give Dad an award he'll cherish all year round with our "World's Most Handsome Dad" decorative plaque. This quality product available in our fundraising catalogs will certainly boost up your holiday fundraiser sales, as it makes a perfect gift for fathers in the holiday season. Order today, raise funds, and spread smiles!
Presenting our vibrant, playful putty bundled with a moldable toy, all showcased in an attractive packaging! Perfect for your school or organization's holiday fundraiser as presented in our fundraising catalog.
Our catalog boasts an array of photos featuring our top-selling, stretchable toy dachshund. You'll find this playful item in a series of dynamic poses, stretched and twisted to showcase its durability and flexibility. It's the perfect item for your organization's holiday fundraiser!
Experience the exciting joy of a young beagle puppy, energetically engaged in playtime with a vibrant rope toy! This captivating, lifelike display is an exquisite illustration found within our fundraising catalogs. It's perfect for your school or organization's holiday fundraiser and sure to bring smiles while boosting contributions!
Introducing our striking Neon Slime Collection, an assortment of vibrantly colored slime containers that are sure to captivate. Each set showcases a beautifully illustrated image of a hand modeling the stretchy, pink slime. This unique product promises to be a standout item in your holiday fundraising catalog and a favorite amongst kids of all ages! Perfect for schools and organizations aiming to gather funds through spectacular holiday fundraisers.
Experience unforgettable moments of joy as a parent and child share in the laughter and delight bath time brings with our charming Wind-Up Swimming Frog toy. This playful product not only adds fun to your child's bath routine but can also be an excellent addition to your school or organization's holiday fundraiser catalog. Watch as children’s faces light up when they see this toy, and parents take pleasure in knowing their purchase contributes towards raising much-needed funds for your cause. Serve smiles while boosting money for your organization with fundraising through us!
Boost your fundraising efforts with our fantastic array of portable wireless speakers, brilliantly illuminated with LED lighting in festive holiday-red, vibrant-green and vivid-blue hues. Showcase these premium sound gadgets in your catalog to help your school or organization reach its financial goals through an engaging holiday fundraiser.
Boost your fundraising initiative this holiday season with our high bounce, light-up toy tire ball! It's sure to captivate the attention of potential supporters, featuring dazzling flashing lights. This fun, appealing item is perfect for all types of fundraisers, greatly appreciated in our school and organization fundraising catalogs. Increase your profits and spirit with this engaging addition to your campaign!
At our company, we offer a breathtaking quartet of heart-shaped gemstone pendant necklaces, elegantly set against vibrant colored backgrounds exclusive to our fundraising catalog. These exquisite pieces make for the perfect holiday fundraiser product that not only magnifies the beauty of your supporters but also significantly boosts your organization's financial goals. Let us join you in making this holiday season truly meaningful and magical with these delightful gems!
Introducing our vibrant and enticing collection of Bubble Fish Toys, designed to engage your fundraising elements with a pop of fun. This collection features an array of squeezable toys filled with gel beads that are sure to capture interest and excitement. To further enhance the appeal, they are beautifully packaged, creating an ideal product for your school or organization's holiday fundraiser through our fundraising catalog offerings. These bubble fish toys not only provide entertainment but also assist in generating funds to support your cause. Attractively drive your fundraising initiatives this holiday season with these playful must-haves!
Introducing our "Hedgekins Huggables" -- a trio of premium plush hedgehog toys. These endearing and cuddly creatures make an excellent addition to our fundraising catalogs. Perfect for holiday fundraisers, they ooze charm and appeal that can effortlessly attract generous contributions for your school or organization. So let us be part of your noble cause; raise funds whilst spreading smiles with our "Hedgekins Huggables".
Experience the joy of our delightful Cat & Feather Wand Toy, featured in our fundraising catalog. This charming product depicts a fun-loving cat delightfully playing on its back, skillfully batting at a vibrant green feather toy that's gracefully attached to a wand. It's sure to become an anticipated highlight of any holiday fundraiser offered by schools and organizations. Add it to your fundraising repertoire today!
At our company, we are excited to offer a delightful range of Gorilla-Themed Squishy Toys for your school's fundraising activities. These toys not only provide entertainment but also come with exciting splash effects that kids will absolutely love. Plus, they come packaged in an appealing way, making them perfect for gifting during the holidays. Offering these enticing toys in your fundraising catalog will surely boost your sales and contribute significantly to your school or organization's holiday fundraisers!