Talk To Your Kids About College While Still Young For Best Results

Talk to your kids about college BEFORE its too late.

When is the best time to talk to your kids about college? Hint… It’s better to do it sooner than later!

Here at, we take education seriously. That is why when we read this news article we knew we had to share with you.


When should you talk to your kids about college? The answer may surprise you. In fact, if you wait too long, you might regret it later.

Talk to your kids about college… BEFORE age 10!

Would you be surprised to know that you should start talking about college to your children before they are age 10?

Why do we say that?

In 2016, a UCAS survey pointed out that children who know they want to go to college by age 10 or earlier are 2.6 times more likely to end up attending a more competitive university then someone who decided in their late teens.

Why does talking to your children at an early age make such a difference?

The answer is that young children are more open and receptive to ideas in comparison to their older siblings. Preteens and teens are often afraid of what other people think. If the friends they have don’t think of college as “cool”, your child will more likely not want to go to college.

Additionally, parents have the most influence over their children at this early age. Don’t believe us? Then talk to any parent of a teenager!

The article continues that if we start talking to our children early, we can embed the idea that higher education is an achievable goal for everyone.

So, while many parents wait to talk about college to their children when they are teenagers, you can now see that this would be a mistake.

Children need direction. They also need help setting goals for themselves. Never underestimate your ability to help them.

The research shows that if you are serious about your children getting higher education, then you need to start now. The sooner you start the better. In fact, start as early as you can. Just don’t praise them for being smart.

Furthermore, have open frank discussions with your children about college. Explain to them about the importance of a good college education, and how it will benefit them later on in life. The lesson? Talk to your kids about college now before it is too late.

In conclusion, higher education is important for our children to have the best quality of life later on. Therefore, start talking to your children about going to college today.