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Besides diamonds – what else do women like to wear?

You guessed it – GOLD.

Welcome ladies..!  So, what does Gold and School Holiday Shops have in common? Although you can’t exactly wear our “Gold Client Plan”, your PTA, PTO, PTSA, Parent-Teacher Organization will sparkle like 24 caret gold when you make your next “School Holiday Shop Presentation.” Our program offers 25 free services for your upcoming in-school gift shop – and our online customer services and old fashioned phone support will keep you looking like a winner.

Gold and School Holiday Shops – An amazing combo!

Our school holiday secret Santa shops are the envy of the industry and we work hard providing your elementary school with the premium products, services, incentives and support you will need to run a profitable “school gift shop” fundraising program.

In the end – what’s really important? I mean, let’s be serious here.  It is the merchandise – the items have to look great and be well presented and well packaged – we do it all..!

We invite you to take a look at all 115 items we have ready for your school holiday gift shop

 We don’t just supply your school with beautifully detailed items that are well made and come in beautiful gift boxes. The real gem in what we do is make it easy for you the sponsor – real easy..!

Four Easy Steps to Holiday Shop Success

  • We can get your firm dates later in the season
  • Choose how you want to customize your shop
  • Either confirm cash back money or free spending bucks 
  • Relax – you have a company with 50 yrs. experience
  • You get everything you need at your doorstep around four weeks before shop start date
  • Comprehensive “How to Manual”
  • Full sized color posters
  • Color 8.5” x 11” Parent Letters
  • Nicely printed “Budget Envelopes”
  • Info for utilizing your “always accessible” custom web site
  • All items are “price coded” according to the markup chosen
  • Your items arrive around one week before shop begins.
  • Three different sized color bags arrive for the kids to use
  • Free tablecloths arrive
  • FREE color tent cards for every item
  • No Charge “Volunteer Gear” arrives
  • Log into https://schoolholidayshop.com
  • Choose “No-Count Cash in Box” option or “Count Inventory” option
  • Take your deductions and create your own invoice
  • Send unsold items back – we also pay all the freight..!

“Ta-da..!” – Enjoy the Holidays

In conclusion, would you like to learn more about our school holiday shop program? Then please contact us today. We would certainly be happy to learn more about your school. Furthermore, we will take the time to answer all of your questions. Finally, you will learn how our Gold client plan will help your school succeed.


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