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Talk To Your Children And Their Brain Will Grow Stronger

As a parent you are rightfully concerned about your child growing up as a healthy member of society. Why should you talk to your children? Science has now proved that communicating regularly with your children will help predict their ability to communicate as an adult.

The Journal of Neuroscience found that dialogue with adults may lead to stronger pathways between two brain regions critical for language development in young children.

Talk to your children, not down to them

Some parents feel that “children are to be seen and not heard”. But this study recommends having real give and take discussions with your young ones.

How young? For example, the children in this study were between the ages of four and six years old. It turns out that youths that took turns talking back-and-forth with their parents in real conversations had stronger connections in the language regions of their brains.

In fact after recording these conversations, the children were hooked up to an MRI testing machine. The doctors found that the information highways between the language regions of the brain were much stronger in children that had real conversations with their parents.

Finally, this gives scientific proof that the quantity and quality of the language children hear early in life predicts their future verbal and cognitive skills.

The lesson? Talk to your children even more than you do now. Recent studies show that many parents talk to their children only for 64 minutes a day.

In conclusion, why should you care about this?

There is research that shows that these children will achieve greater connectivity with others, greater independence and socioeconomic status. Simply put, take time to have genuine conversations with your children now.

One way to do this is by reading to your children. When you talk to your children, you’ll give them a head start in life because they will be able to communicate easily and effectively with others.

So start early, speaking to them when they are babes. This is a free way to help your children progress in life, education, and status. Ask your child. When talk to your children and spend time with them, it is also the best gift you could ever give your child.

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