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Elevate your festive fundraising opportunities with our select gold-toned heart-shaped pendant. This exclusive keepsake, inscribed with "Grandma" and adorned with a charming pink stone, is an individual expression of profound affection. Packaged on a "Very Special Grandma Necklace" card, it serves as the perfect gift for revered matriarchs during your holiday fundraisers. Help schools and organizations raise sufficient funds while offering an endearing memento that stands the test of time.

Very Special Grandma Heart Gemstone Necklace

Introducing our exclusive jewelry package in our fundraising catalog, ideal for your holiday fundraisers! This unique set includes a captivating silver necklace designed with a heart-shaped blue pendant coupled with coordinating stud earrings. Offering this beautiful ensemble not only provides a sense of fashion but also aids in supporting your school or organizational fundraisers. With every purchase, you’re not just gifting or treating yourself but also contributing towards a noble cause.

Topaz Heart Jewelry Set

Introduce your school or organization's fundraiser with our vibrant 'Super Mom' comic book style static cling stickers, complete with their packaging. This product is an exciting and innovative item to include in your holiday fundraising catalog. Boost your fundraising efforts as supporters will love the fun design, contributing towards a great cause!

Supermom Static Window Cling

Showcase your beneficial cause this holiday season with our Fundraising Catalog that offers specially curated Box of Thirteen Artificial Scented Roses. These gorgeous faux flowers not only make a charming decorative piece but also spread a delightful aroma. Available both in thoughtful packaging and as well-crafted individual items, these are perfect for raising funds through holiday fundraisers. Support your schools and organizations by associating with us, celebrating the spirit of giving while embracing the joyous festive season!

Scented Roses

Enhance your holiday fundraisers with our curated fundraising catalogs! We're delighted to introduce our round wooden cheese board, a popular pick for schools and organizations. Beautifully engraved with the affectionate word 'Mom' and sweet phrase 'You make everything with love,' it truly celebrates mothers everywhere. Each purchase comes complete not only with this sentimental artisanal essentials, but also accentuated by the addition of gourmet grapes and cheese. Elevate your fundraising efforts effortlessly whilst bringing joy and cheer this holiday season!

Mom Wood Cheese Board

Showcase heartfelt sentiments with our "best mom ever" pink pen, presented as a treasured keepsake gift in our fundraising catalog. Ideal for holiday fundraisers, this item offers schools and organizations an affectionate product sure to drive contributions. Each fundraiser is not only an opportunity to raise funds but also serves as a channel for people to express their love and appreciation towards mothers using this distinctive keepsake pen.

Mom Pink Pen

Introducing our exquisite Silver Infinity Heart Bracelet, an impeccable product featured in our fundraising catalog. Beautifully designed to be worn on a wrist and demonstrating the symbol of endless affection, this product is specifically packaged with 'mom' in mind. With its heartfelt message "my love for you is endless," it serves as a perfect gift choice for holiday fundraisers hosted by schools and organizations looking to raise funds while spreading unforgettable joy and love. This timeless piece demonstrates not only your community's commitment to funding but also the immeasurable value of love during holiday seasons. So why wait? Discover how our Silver Infinity Heart Bracelet can enhance your fundraising capability!

Mom My Love Is Forever Bracelet

Presenting a delightful duo of mugs designed exclusively for your fundraising requirements! These charming mugs boast of an elegant pink backdrop, tastefully accentuated with floral patterns. Perfectly crafted to show affection and warmth, there's a special message- "love you mom", inscribed centrally. Ideal for holiday fundraisers, these pieces can form a substantial part of your catalog offering as they appeal to customers who wish to invest in meaningful gifting items while contributing positively towards school/organizational fundraising efforts. With these exquisite mugs in your fundraising catalog, elevating the joy and spirit of giving becomes so much easier during the gifting season!

Mom Ceramic Mug



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Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our new "World's Greatest" pop-up phone holder, featured in our fundraising catalog. This handy accessory, showcased by a cheerful gentleman on a smartphone, adds convenience and personality to your mobile experience. Detailed images in our catalog further illustrate the unique design and practical use of this must-have item. Your school or organization can raise significant funds during holiday fundraisers by offering such compelling products to supporters. Partner with us today for a successful fundraising experience!

Superhero Phone Pop-Up Holder

Presenting two vibrant and engaging mugs, sporting cherished superhero-themed designs that honor fatherhood. These festive vessels are perfect for your organization's holiday fundraising catalog, providing a product that encapsulates both functionality and sentimentality. Ideal for schools or other non-profit organizations looking to raise funds in a fun, creative way during the holiday season.

Superhero Dad Ceramic Mug

Showcase your support for dads and throw in a hint of superhero magic with our festive car window clings! Our fundraising catalog offers designs exclusively crafted to celebrate fatherhood. These vibrant, superhero-themed messages can be displayed proudly on any vehicle - a perfect addition to your school or organization's holiday fundraiser!

Super Dad Static Window Cling

Introducing our classy leather money clip with an appealing "Super Dad" embossing, featuring a twenty-dollar bill and packaged in a specially designed box. It's the perfect item for holiday fundraising catalogs for schools and organizations seeking to gather revenue in style!

Super Dad Money Clip

Showcase your best fundraising merchandise with our range of customizable products. Presenting our 'Super Dad' themed smartphone pop-up holder, captured in various views held by a smiling model. Evoke the holiday spirit and encourage generous giving with this perfect gift, capable of enhancing any organization or school's fundraising catalog greatly!

Super Dad Phone Pop-Up Holder

Showcase your support and love for grandpas everywhere with our 'Star Grandpa' themed pen! Perfect for any holiday fundraiser, this pen will sure to delight its users. Whether it's used at home, office or school you'll not only be writing but making a difference too! Our catalog offers an up-close look at this pen and other similar items that can help generate funds for your organization or school. Buy from us and monetize the much-needed cheer this holiday!

Star Grandpa Green Pen

Presenting our Orange Speckled Mug, perfect for your school or organization's holiday fundraiser. This fun mug comes emblazoned with the playful phrase "Sportsman Hands Off", making it a charming and unique piece likely to be popular among supporters. Ensuring ready-for-gifting convenience, each mug is packaged in its own box. Invest in our alluring and self-selling fundraising catalogs and take your holiday fundraising event to new heights!

Sportsman’s Enamel Cup

Showcase the convenience and practicality of our Telescopic Back Scratcher as part of your next holiday fundraising project. Our presentation includes packaging display to illustrate the product's full potency when extended to maximum length. Delight potential donators with this unique item, which not only serves a practical purpose but could also incite giggles and spark conversations during the holiday season. Raise funds effectively while providing something that brings joy and comfort from our Fundraising Catalogs for schools and organizations!

Scratch Saber Telescoping Backscratcher



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Elevate your fundraising efforts with our vibrant, stretchy snake toys - they're perfect for both satisfying fidgeting needs and setting up playful pranks. Our merchandise catalogs lay out a joyous selection of these tactile novelties, an ideal choice to bolster your holiday fundraisers. Encourage participation while offering hours of entertaining amusement!

Stretch Snakes

Introducing our holiday fundraising star: a charming plush bear donning a Santa hat, complete with an attached "Snowball" tag. The perfect addition to your school or organization's festive fundraiser catalog!

Snowball Plush Puppy

Introducing our fundraising catalogue's new highlight, a unique set of three vibrant bracelets adorned with novel shark-shaped clasps. Identified as the "Shark Surfer Bracelets," they are showcased with an enthralling action image of surfing accompanied by the daring text that says, "No Fear." These captivating items not only make for fashionable accessories but can also be your ticket to securing substantial funds during our exciting holiday fundraisers. Encourage school spirit and organizational unity while raising money in style - why just surf when you can surf with the sharks?

Shark Surfer Bracelet

Presenting our vibrant, playful putty bundled with a moldable toy, all showcased in an attractive packaging! Perfect for your school or organization's holiday fundraiser as presented in our fundraising catalog.

Rainbow Smoothie Play Putty

Experience the joy of giving with Stare's Fashions Fundraising Catalog. Our charming puffy heart-shaped necklace, worn by a radiant young girl in our advertisement, is just one of many items your school or organization can offer in your holiday fundraising endeavors. Let every purchase spread holiday cheer and contribute to your causes!

Puffy Heart Necklace

Our catalog boasts an array of photos featuring our top-selling, stretchable toy dachshund. You'll find this playful item in a series of dynamic poses, stretched and twisted to showcase its durability and flexibility. It's the perfect item for your organization's holiday fundraiser!

Oscar The Stretchy Dog

Experience the exciting joy of a young beagle puppy, energetically engaged in playtime with a vibrant rope toy! This captivating, lifelike display is an exquisite illustration found within our fundraising catalogs. It's perfect for your school or organization's holiday fundraiser and sure to bring smiles while boosting contributions!

North Pole Dog Pull Toy

Introducing our striking Neon Slime Collection, an assortment of vibrantly colored slime containers that are sure to captivate. Each set showcases a beautifully illustrated image of a hand modeling the stretchy, pink slime. This unique product promises to be a standout item in your holiday fundraising catalog and a favorite amongst kids of all ages! Perfect for schools and organizations aiming to gather funds through spectacular holiday fundraisers.

Neon Slime Time