Rich or poor - treat everyone with respect, it is important.

Respect has nothing to do with money

You can’t put a price on good values..!

Rich or poor, middle class, working class, part time, looking for work, whatever position you hold… we are all equals.  As is quoted at Positive Outlooks which we think is an amazing site “I was raised to treat a janitor with the same respect as the CEO“. 

Rich or poor – Respect has nothing to do with money

I grew up in a middle class neighborhood. And I was also very fortunate that we did not “want” for many things.  We had decent food on the table, had decent clothing, and two cars in the driveway. I guess you can say we had all the “things” that many people would count as important. However, in reality they are not that important.

My father, made a nice living. However, he always taught me the value of money. He also taught me that all people are equal. This is regardless of what they are worth or what they own.  In reality, we all know people that “show off” and think they are better than other people. The truth is they are not.  People like that are often shallow and self serving.  

In conclusion, here at we assist schools run a successful school holiday shop. We value all the elementary schools we work with; both large or small. So, if you happen to be involved in a parent teacher group we’d gratefully send you free information on what we offer.   

Bottom line – do not judge a person by that they own; what someone has is meaningless.  It is who they are that is important.  Don’t be judgmental. Period.  

And finally, Thank you – live life and enjoy..!