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PTO School Holiday Shop Success Stories

Ready for some PTO school holiday shop success stories?

Is your Parent Teacher organization looking to put on holiday boutique this year?

We hope these PTO school holiday shop case studies, reviews and testimonials help you to give us a chance to earn your business.

Are you concerned about whether this is quality holiday merchandise or not?

PTO school holiday shop success stories

You are not alone. Many of our PTA members were concerned about the quality of our school holiday shop merchandise. After all, nobody wants to buy junk or sell junk. Just imagine how it would feel if your customers complained about poor shoddy merchandise.

On the other hand, our clients love our holiday shop products!

For example, Notice what Matthew has to say about our program.

“We have used School Holiday Shop for the past 2 years and have them booked for our holiday shop next school year already. The products are shipped directly to the school, we set everything up for the kids to view, it’s a big hit, and when the sale is over we box it up and ship it back. So easy and products are great! A win win for all!” —Matthew J. School PTO

Is your PTA worried if this program will be hard or too complicated?

No PTA member wants to recommend a complicated school holiday shop. Instead you want something that is easy and enjoyable, right?

However, trying something new can be scary, can’t it? Many of our holiday boutique customers felt that way at first.

For instance, notice what Sarah, the PTA Vice President of her PTA had to say about working with us.

“Our PTA loves working with School Holiday Shop. It is a smooth, easy process & we always enjoy seeing what items we receive!

The kids in our school really look forward to the “Santa Store” and it wouldn’t be possible without School Holiday Shop & their awesome staff!

Thank you for all you do!” — Sarah, Goreville Schools, PTA Vice President

Did you notice how she described our program?

  • Easy Process.
  • Awesome staff.

But what about customer service?

Will you give us our PTA the customer support we need to have a success event?

Isn’t it true that many times the customer service ENDS after the product is delivered? Not here at Frankly, we can’t afford that narrow mindset. After all, we count on teaming up with your PTA or PTO for many years to come.

“The PTA at my school had always been impressed with the customer service of Tracy Hamilton but after doing the holiday shop for the first time we are even more impressed. We were walked through both by Chris and the fool proof written instructions. The merchandise was just what the kids wanted and I am sure after enjoying the success of last years shop we will have the holiday shop for many years to come. You guys Rock.” — Paige, Custer School

 Will the kids like the holiday shop at school?

Maybe you are wondering if this is a good idea or not?

For instance, do grade school kids even like this stuff? Will this be a popular elementary school holiday shop event before the winter recess?

It’s OK. People think about these questions all the time. However, notice what they find after hosting their first holiday shop with us.

“Every year our PTA votes to host a “Santa Store” or holiday shop and love it! It is a fun and easy way to give back to our school. The children love the Santa Store and being able to purchase gifts for their loved ones for Christmas. The entire process is easy and worth every minute. Thank you for making it possible for us to host an event such as this.” — The Goreville School PTA

Did you notice what the Goreville School PTA had to say? The children LOVE this. That means your elementary school students will love this too.

Are the gifts at the school holiday boutique expensive?

Maybe your elementary school is located in an inner city. Perhaps, some of the families are on a fixed income.

So, are you concerned if the children will be able to afford these gifts for their loved ones?

Notice what Colleen had to say.

We use the School Holiday Shop for our PTO Santa Store and catalog sales. It is the easiest fundraising we have ever done. The products are good quality, very competitively priced, and parents and students are always pleased with the variety. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for fundraising options.” —Colleen

You will be happy to know that many of our gifts are priced under $5. Additionally, many of them are in the $1 – $2 range. This means everyone can afford something 🙂

Will you give our PTA everything we need to succeed? 

Do you have to figure this out on your own? Absolutely not!

Remember, you are not going to buy stuff at the local dollar store and piecemeal this thing together.

Instead, our program gives you everything from soup to nuts to help you succeed.

For, instance notice what Cynthia and her PTA had to say on this matter.

The PTA sponsors this annual Holiday Boutique to give the 400 students in our school a chance to shop for their family members. For several years we have been contracting with Tracy Hamilton / School Holiday Shops, because of the terrific selection of affordable merchandise. However, your company makes the entire process such a pleasure, by including the colorful parent letters, the $ envelopes for the children, the coordinated table cloths and shopping bags….and the lovely posters that we hang around the school.

We truly appreciate that additional merchandise can be shipped to us the next day in the event that we run low on particular items. Additionally, we thank you for your wonderful customer service/support and we most definitely look forward to another year of working with you. Finally, we highly recommend any school organization to give it a try! — Cynthia T. Montessori 31 PTA Treasurer/Fundraiser

What will you do next after hearing these PTO school holiday shop success stories?

In conclusion, if you want your PTA to experience what Cynthia experienced, then please give us a call.

We want to earn the right to be your school holiday shop company.

And finally, you will get all the phone coaching you need to have a successful event. We want this to be the best PTO school holiday shop ever for you!


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