8 Children's Values To Instill In Your Child - Help Your Kids To Thrive!

8 Children’s Values To Instill In Your Child

Will you help instill these children’s values in your child? Or will you hope they figure it out on their own?

They say that  child’s brain is like a sponge. So here is the big question… What are you helping your child to SOAK UP? Unfortunately, many of these important life lessons are not taught in school. In other words, it is up to you to teach your kids. So, here are a few amazing values to instill in your children.

The value of gratitude.

We live in a thankless world. So raise grateful children. When you help your children to see the blessings in their life, they will be happier, healthier, and feel more fulfilled. One way you can do this is by building a gratitude journal together. Other people have had success with a gratitude jar.

How does this work? Have them write down three things every day that they are grateful for. These can be written in your journal or placed inside of your gratitude jar. The key to helping your child blossom in life, is for them to re-experience the feelings of gratitude they have. Anytime they have a bad day, teach them to go through the gratitude jar or the gratitude journal to remind themselves of how fortunate they really are.

Can you see how children’s values like gratitude can help them have good life?

Possibilities or problems?

Teaching your children how to be grateful is a wonderful way for them to see the possibilities in life.  Gratitude teaches them to see blessings and opportunities instead of problems. We live in a world where people like to complain, murmur and feel sorry for themselves. Many people shut down when they see problems, roadblocks and impossibilities. So, training your children with a “possibility mindset” will give your child a head start in life. It will teach them to be entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it will help them to have confidence. Finally, it will help also help them be problem solver’s. These children’s values will add to their happiness as well as their financial stability in life.

The value of teamwork.

A great thing to teach children from an early age is to understand the value of teamwork. Teamwork teaches a child that we can accomplish a lot more with the help of others. How can you do this? Lead by example. Teach your children by the way you do things with your family. Ask for their help and show them how true the old saying is , “many hands make the load light. They will learn that by working together we can accomplish so much more than trying something by ourself.

The value of a dollar.

Teach your children about the value of a dollar saved as well as a dollar earned. Many parents give their children everything. They mistakenly think they’re helping the children. Instead, they are crippling them for life. There is a great satisfaction that comes from earning, saving and paying for items in cash. By the way, our school holiday boutique program is a great way for children to experience this for themselves. Finally, when you train your children to be savers you are helping them to become future responsible adults. You’re also rescuing them from a life of debt and slavery.

The value of goal setting.

Teach your child how to set reasonable goals. Teach them how to start with the end in mind as Stephen Covey teaches us. Show them how to break down the steps to make a step-by-step map that they can follow to reach their goals. Help them to identify the problems and challenges that they may face. Show them how to prepare for these challenges so they are sure to succeed.

The value of managing their time.

We are all given the same amount of time. The question is how will we use our time? Teach your children how to plan, schedule and to think ahead. This will require patience on your part. However, you will be training your child to be a responsible young adult.  It also teaches your children to value the time of others. This skill will pay your child many dividends over and over again in their life. Adults that know how to manage their time or worth more money and can accomplish a lot more than those that don’t.

How to say I am sorry.

Teach your children about the importance of being able to apologize to others. The best way to do this is by example. Apologize to your children or to your mate when you disappoint them or hurt there feelings. This will teach your children an important life lesson. It will show them that big people take responsibility for their actions, decisions and mistakes. These children’s values show them how being willing to apologize can preserve friends and family relationships too.

The value of human kindness.

There are two kinds of people in the world… givers and takers. So, teach your children how to be givers. The best way to teach kindness to your child is to be a kind person yourself. Look for ways to do random acts of kindness for other people. Furthermore, have your child watch you do this. Even better, look for ways to do this together. Being kind to others is a wonderful way to build self-esteem and to make this world a better place. Furthermore it build strong and happy family relationships.

So will you instill these 8 children’s values in your child?

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed this article and will instill these 8 children’s values in your young ones while they will still listen. If you do, your children will bring you much happiness as you grow older together.


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