Wholesale School Holiday Shop Merchandise 

Where can i get wholesale school holiday shop merchandise?

Are you shopping for holiday shop closeouts? Then please seriously consider our wholesale school holiday shop merchandise program.

You might wonder …. how does it work?

Let us tell you about Mary. She was a PTA mom. Their parent teacher association talked about putting on a holiday shop this year. So where would they get the merchandise? Mary volunteered to do the research and get some answers for the rest of the PTA members.

Mary started with the PTA forums online. Quickly she found that there were two ways to get wholesale holiday shop merchandise:

  1. Do it yourself and buy closeouts.
  2. Work with a Holiday shop company that does everything for you.

Closeouts Vs. Working With a wholesale Holiday Shop Merchandise Company

Mary read that one of the disadvantages of buying wholesale holiday shop items was the risk involved.

  • The PTA would need money to buy holiday shop items.
  • So that means Mary would have to put the merchandise on her personal credit card.
  • Additionally, some PTA members on the forum complained about running out of items and not being able to buy more of them.
  • Finally,  there were nightmare stories of buying holiday closeouts no one wanted to buy and not being able to return them for their money back.

While Mary liked the idea of shopping for and finding deals, the disadvantages against buying closeouts won out.

Buying wholesale merchandise from a holiday shop company

So one day, Mary found some of the moms talking about holiday shop companies like Schoolholidayshop.com.

Why did they choose to do this?

Instead of laying out thousands of dollars upfront to buy holiday shop closeouts, they have a better option for you. For instance, PTA members complained about buying closeout merchandise and then hoping they can sell it. Additionally, other PTA moms were stuck with holiday merchandise they couldn’t sell or return.

As you can imagine this concerned Mary.

But what if there was a better way?

The answer is working directly with a holiday shop company that supplied the merchandise.

Buy wholesale gifts for your holiday gift shop

Imagine getting your school holiday shop merchandise at wholesale prices. Furthermore, just suppose you can buy wholesale holiday shop items without spending any money up front. And finally, what if instead of buying in bulk, like 12 per pack for example, you could buy just one piece at a time?

 Would that capture your attention?

As your holiday shop merchandise distributor, we want to help. Our company sends you the holiday merchandise and you simply send payment for whatever you sell. Furthermore, whether you buy one piece or a dozen, you pay the same price. Best of all, your money is protected.

  • So there are no out-of-pocket expenses for you.
  • Furthermore, it means not getting stuck with holiday shop items you can’t sell.
  • Additionally, you only pay for the gift items your children want to buy.
  • Finally, you always pay wholesale pricing whether you buy 1 or a 100 items.


Whole sale gifts for the whole family

Gifts for…

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Uncle
  • Aunt
  • Cousin
  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Friends
  • And finally pets too!!!

Mary loved the quality gifts she saw. And what affordable pricing too! For instance, she found many for only a dollar or two.


Here are some of the ones she showed the rest of her PTA board.

Wholesale school holiday shop merchandise gifts for mom

Fun gifts for mom starting at only .50 cents each! Every kid in your school can afford to by something for mom and dad now.

Coolest Mom Fan Best Mom Heart Hugs and Kisses card
Worlds coolest mom fan - wholesale school holiday shop merchandise Best mom wooden heart plaque


Wholesale holiday shop merchandise for dad

Tell dad how much he means to you with these coasters and key chains.

Touchdown dad coaster #1 dad key chain Hero dad key chain
Worlds coolest mom fan Best mom wooden heart plaque

In conclusion, we hope you reach the same conclusion that Mary did. Would you like to learn more about buying wholesale holiday shop merchandise? Then finally please contact us today!