School Holiday Shop Items

115 School Holiday Shop Items Your Students Will Love!

The holiday season is right around the corner. And if you are planning to hold a school holiday shop it’s time to get to work right away. However, the big question on everyone’s mind is… Where will they get their school holiday shop items from?

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So where do you plan on getting your school holiday shop items from?

Many of my clients bought bulk school holiday shop merchandise in the past. It was because they thought they would save money. However, they soon found there were a few drawbacks.

Their biggest complaints about buying in bulk were as follows:

  1. Getting the money to purchase items upfront.
  2. Additionally, they had to pay for shipping costs.
  3. Furthermore, they had to wrestle with returning and getting credits for damaged merchandise.
  4. Running out of an item and also not being able to get more because it was on clearance.
  5. And finally, trying to return school holiday shop merchandise they could sell.

As you can imagine, this adds a lot of stress to a normally fun and exciting time of year.

What a Bummer!

What can you do to simplify this chore of shopping for school shop merchandise?

Why not give a chance instead?

Our clients love the following things about having us supply all of their school holiday shop items:

  1. Firstly, never pay up front for holiday merchandise or items …. EVER!
  2. Secondly, never pay for shipping costs.
  3. Thirdly, if there is any damaged items, they will be replaced quickly.
  4. Run out of an item? We will ship it to you the next day for free.
  5. At the end of your holiday shop, simply pack everything up that didn’t sell and send it back to us.

Can you see how much easier things can be this way?

What kind of school holiday boutique items are available?

Our online shop has over 115 items to choose from.

Each product ranges from $.50 to $10. That means there’s something for everyone. And we really mean everyone.

  • Gifts for moms, grandmas, sisters and aunts.
  • Gifts for your dads, grandpas, brothers and uncles too.
  • And finally gifts for friends, teachers, kids, pets and much more.

Here are a few examples for mom gifts include:

  • Worlds coolest mom fan to cool herself off whenever she needs it.
  • Mom silver heart bracelet.
  • Best mom wooden heart ornament.
  • Mom love key chain.
  • Mom stainless steel travel mug to keep her coffee nice and hot.
  • I love my mom glass mug for her favorite cup of tea each morning.

Here are some favorite dad gift items.

  • Number one dad license plate key chain
  • My favorite superhero dad PVC clip
  • Worlds greatest fisherman lure
  • The dad football ornament
  • Super dad coffee mug
  • Number one dad flashlight pen
  • Cool dad flashlight key chain

And again just to make sure you got this, all gifts retail between 50 cents and $10 each. However, the overwhelming majority of the gifts range between one dollar and five dollars each.

Are these cheap school holiday store items?

Not at all.

We only provide quality items that your PTA will love.

And our customers whole heartedly agree.

Notice what Sarah said,

“Our PTA loves working with School Holiday Shop. It is a smooth, easy process and we always enjoy seeing what items we receive!” — Sarah

Goreville Schools, PTA Vice President

Additionally, Karen had to say this about our merchandise:

“Our school has been using the for the last seven years. The merchandise is of great quality and the customer Service is outstanding.” — Karen, Director

Furthermore, we have elementary schools working with us for the last 7 years. Seven fun years of holiday shops together!

The only way this could happen is if we provided top notch fundraising items. 

You can read more school holiday shop success stories here…

How does the elementary school holiday shop items program work?

Here is the best part.

Just pick up the phone and talk to one of our staff. They will help you to decide which of the three holiday shop programs is best for your school.

  • Standard shop. You get every item shown here on our gift gallery as previously discussed. They retail from .50 each to $10 each.
  • Economy shop. All items are priced $5 and less. This makes it ultra affordable for every student!
  • And finally, the “Show and Sell” shop. Just suppose you are short on space and staff. This program sends you samples of each product. Simply send the kids through so they can shop and pay for the items they like. Then as soon as you pay us, we will ship you the holiday shop merchandise.

In conclusion, which shop is right for you?

Well it depends on your schools unique circumstances. So why not pick up a phone and call one of our holiday shop experts now? Before you know it you will be receiving your school holiday store items in the mail!

And finally, please note that the call is free and there is no obligation on your part.

We look forward to your call!